going out to busy bee

Hello fans, friends, followers…
Today I am going to Buzy Bee…  That’s in Pokhara, Lakeside, Nepal
like to come, to see, a old German Sirendra, me and other fellows…

Only today !



Nieuws, …

Keek een beetje verbaast rond in de krant, zo maar een kop
– Duitse politie verijdelt aanslag met “zeer krachtig explosief” klik
– Pakistaanse doodt 13 mensen met vergiftigde melk na gedwongen huwelijk klik
– “Tot 200 doden in Noord-Korea bij instorting tunnel onder nucleaire site” klik
Japanse politie vindt lichaamsdelen van 9 mensen in koelboxen klik
Dacht waar gaat het heen, met deze wereld?

“Deze activiteiten zijn in tegenspraak met alles waar Facebook voor staat”, zegt Colin Stretch van Facebook. “En we zijn vastberaden alles te doen wat we kunnen om deze nieuwe bedreiging aan te pakken.” klik

Op 12 mei besmette het WannaCry-virus honderdduizenden computers en versleutelde bestanden. De hackers eisten losgeld in bitcoins om de bestanden opnieuw toegankelijk te maken. Onder meer de Britse gezondheidsdiensten en de fabrieken van autobouwer Renault raakten besmet. klik

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En Nu…

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Amine A. & Petrus J.

A police officer from The Hague has been jailed for four years for bribery, attempted burglary and membership of a criminal organisation after passing on information about illegal marijuana plantations to others. Amine A, who is 29 and was arrested last June, has also been banned from working as a civil servant for nine years, news agency ANP reported. The court found that between 2015 and 2016, A had combed police files looking for information about plantations and drugs storage locations which he sold to a friend, named as Yassine H. H is accused of breaking into dozens of addresses he had been given by A and emptying them of drugs before police could raid the premises. He was jailed for 3.5 years. Two of A’s brothers were also jailed for three and four months for stealing the marijuana but were found not guilty of membership of a criminal organisation. According to the Telegraaf, A had been reprimanded for his close ties to known criminals in Gouda during his training period but had, nevertheless, been cleared to join the force. In 2015, another police officer, named as Mark M, was arrested on charges of leaking information about more than 100 criminal investigations to gang members.


A Dutch animal rights activist known as the ‘vegan streaker’ has been jailed in Japan for disrupting a dolphin show. Petrus Johannes Martinus Janssen, 32, and a Belgian woman reported jumped into the Adventure World pool during the show holding a placard protesting at the organised slaughter of hundreds of dolphins near the city of Taiji every year. Both Janssen and Belgium’s Kirsten De Kimpe were arrested and the show was halted, according to local news website Japan Today. According to Belgian media, both are members of animal rights campaign Vegan Strike Group. Japanese paper Japan Today said police officers were on alert at the park at the time ‘due to information that foreign activists opposed to dolphin hunting could obstruct the show’. Janssen, who was arrested in 2008 for releasing 2,500 mink on a fur farm, first hit the headlines in 2007 when he disrupted filming of the Paul de Leeuw tv show, PaulDeLeeuwStreaker wearing only underpants. That appearance gave rise to his nickname. He has also been caught streaking at the ABN Amro tennis tournament, a Champions Trophy hockey match and the Tilburg Ten Mile road race. In recent years he has turned his attention to bull fighting and has disrupted at least 22 tournaments.


This page is thanks to Newari Khaja Ghar, opp. Fishtalegate, Pokhara, Nepal

Terminally for kishanlakhotia


kishanlakhotia wrote on his page * click here to see it
…He was suffering from advanced stage of cancer and the doctors were having doubt of his survival. Surprisingly his recovery from the acute ailment was very fast and within a few weeks he defeated the cancer and was able to enjoy healthy life once again. …

Advanced cancer is a term used to describe cancer that is unlikely to be cured. It may be primary or secondary cancer. Primary cancer refers to the first mass of cancer cells (tumor) in an organ or tissue.

The Realities Of Living With Stage 4 Cancer * please click here to read about it, thanks