Shramik Atom

Dear Prem, here a poem, especially for your Birthday, hope you like it.

The Garden Spell

Running out of breeze, bringing a matter itself
showed heaven spoiling itself
having a bullet before Christ
plugging many hearts to a fine it self
Cause It was became the garden spell

Creating a land, land out of feel
changing a reason breaking that faith
waiting new deuteronomy why the world was made
Destoying all believers in one time on chain
That’s you know it was the Garden spell

Drowing in deep, deep you saied it hell
feeding to monsters sharping own reals
Bringing a preditor talking to trail
making new breeders eating those male’s
have a new pain. bring your self on chain
ye now still it’s a garden spell

Written by Shramik Atom (Netra Baral)