26 Hurt

A full-sized pickup truck smashed through the front doors of a Las Vegas grocery store on Saturday and roared all the way to the back, injuring 26 people, authorities said. Police said an 88-year-old woman was driving the truck, and it was unclear if she had a problem or there was an issue with the truck.




She got driving licence?









something off topic: today the electricity bill, 1 month, with many load-shedding 1.700/- NRPS too much he!

(1 EUR = 136.552 NPR)

To Monica, to swami, to anyone!

Some people found I am talking when I am alone in the room…

They found it weird… So I explain them, I am not talking like a mad man, I talking to others, somewhere in the unconscious they will get it, when the postbox get open? Any Idea?


Post Box



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