this part, with ‘others’ publised 2016-01-27 / 21:22
(from The UNI Hotel, Pokhara, Nepal)


In the last few days various articles have appeared, designed to scare the pants off some authors, particularly those who don’t bother to clean up their book(s) in their rush to publish on Amazon via KDP. All of the articals are nothing more or less than total BS, aided and abetted by one Michael Kozlowski, the founder of Good E-Reader, a man known for posting and encouraging imflammatory clickbait!!!

If you copy and paste the following internet address onto Goggle or whichever other search engine you prefer – johndopp.com/writer/ – and read the second listed article, you will learn what’s actually going to happen. Its got damn all to do with typos.

PS – a note for the one or two individuals out there who, lets be kind and just say that you can be a bit slow on the uptake can’t you – DON’T TRY CLICKING ON THE ABOVE INTERNET ADDRESS YOU IDIOT! IF YOU DO, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. GOT IT?


Sorry about that folks, but one person commented yesterday wanting to know why when they clicked on what they took to be a video, that it didn’t work, even though its blindingly obvious that its just a record for crying out loud! I really despair at times when dealing with some people, I really do…

This is what confused them For Your Listening Pleasure


this part, with ‘others’ publised 2016-01-26 / 22:16
(from The UNI Hotel, Pokhara, Nepal)

It is not that people are breaking into the radio communications between the space station and mission control. “It wouldn’t be on the space-to-ground system we use,” Mr. Herring said.Read more

The Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield performing a cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” aboard the International Space Station. The station was set up “for peaceful purposes” in 1998. Credit Chris Hadf

The Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield performing a cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” aboard the International Space Station. The station was set up “for peaceful purposes” in 1998.


this part, with ‘others’ publised 2016-01-25 / 22:52
(from The UNI Hotel, Pokhara, Nepal)

Night, strangler, silences the sun,
Its abyssal talons scarring innocence.
Abysmal deep, debarred from sleep,
Haunting the apocalypse of barren moon,
Life extracted vampirically, lusted in cold.

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Our grandpa has a very peculiar attitude to any present we give him. He feels embarrassed, and rebukes us when we bring him an expensive gift. He keeps repeating that the best thing we can do is just simply visit him. Each year on his birthday we have to listen to his long proclamations that we again had spend money in vain, and next time we’d better not bring him any presents at all. Our family got used to his attitude so this time we decided to bring him something inexpensive, but a bit unusual, which we trust will really make him happy.

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Talk it Out: Find someone you can talk to, who is a good listener; a Therapist, a Mentor, a trusted love one, etc.

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Born into a cloud smothered into darkness
bringing rainfall in abundance
the deep fog keeps you from knowing who you are
Lightning strikes your person a lashing out in pain
the world is blinded by the dark cloud that covers
life hails in destruction leaving no hope or sanity
until a light shines from heaven revealing your true colors
the rainbow God created you to be
when there seemed to be no hope
the clouds are lifted by the winds of salvation
and you are born again by the love and mercy
of the lord Jesus Christ
whom brings forth truth in everlasting life.

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