Jehova’s Witnesses cartoon about marriage upsets gay groups

De Nederrlandse VlinderDo you know gay’s by the Jehova’s? There must be! There/they will be no witnesses, cause in their own belief system it’s wrong to be gay. Foget gay, it’s wrong to be. This thanks to a heterosexual couple called Eve and Adam. Now human’s are born in sin. This is absolutely incorrect. My grand grand grand etc. mother/father did something wrong, now I am also guilty? Don’t think so! Sure I am not!

Their ideaolgy about ‘heaven’ is so weird, pictured ‘heaven’ with a lion and a lamb, living in peace with each other, the lion has become vegatarian. But Jehova never was. And cause he had created ‘man’ in his own likeness/image,  ‘man’ was born a crual being, fighting multiply war’s, killing others etc. That’s should be the God of Love?

Never-the-less, in my eye’s the jehova’s witnesses, is one of the worst group of christians, exually not worth to give attention. But after seeing an artical in the news I had to react.

Gay rights campaigners have called on the Dutch branch of the Jehova’s Witnesses religious organisation to remove a YouTube video in which a mother tells her daughter gay couples will not go to paradise. The film features a little girl asking her mother about a drawing by a friend which features two mothers. The mother quotes various verses in the Bible to explain to her daughter that marriage is between men and women. However, she continues, people can change. ‘Some things you have to leave behind,’ she says. ‘The packaging is sweet but the message is bitter,’ said Philip Tijsma of gay rights lobby group COC. ‘You cannot change from being homosexual to heterosexual.’ Gay man Wesley Bakker told news agency ANP he planned to make a formal complaint about the Jehova’s Witnesses for discrimination. ‘My partner and I have two children,’ he said. ‘I hope to goodness they are not confronted with this at school.’ A spokesman for the religious organisation said he had no problem with the negative reactions. ‘Publishing the film is part of our right to freedom of speech,’ he said. It is not the organisation’s aim to insult people ‘and I do not think that is what the video does’, he said. (source)

The COC/Wesley are looking for attention, their ‘gay rights’. In this they have made advertisement for a stupid organisation, Changes are there that some gay’s will become JWers, … what a nightmare.

Than ‘You cannot change from being homosexual to heterosexual.’ Nothing remain the same. I have seen it with my own eyes an heterosexual man became an (male) ephebophile (A person who is erotically attracted to post-pubescent youths) (I am not talking about Michael J. Jackson)

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