Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Hitler employed food tasters
Hitler loved Disney
He practiced for speeches by taking photos of himself
Hitler was an animal lover
Hitler initiated the first anti-tobacco movement
Hitler had a nephew who moved to US to fight against him
The woman who designed Hitler’s bunker had a grandson who designed Saddam Hussein’s bunker
He was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
He was addicted to chocolates
Hitler had only one ball

So, it is not impossible Hitler died in Indonesia. Because Indonesia is considered a safe place, for Hitler. Source / Hitlers Escape to Argentina where he lived in until 1962 Source

Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil Source

What you think about Adolf Hitler? A person is never 100% good or 100% bad, we know from the media all kinds of bad things about him, call it propaganda. let’s concentrate about the good part of Adolf Hitler.

A suitcase full of secrets found in Amsterdam’s Jewish quarter after 70 years
(click here to read the artical)


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