Irina Damascan

How is Irina Damascan ?

Irina Damascan

Read more about here, by clicking here. I have read it and found it very good ‘to stay anyway’. Now the last question to her is ‘If you had just 24 hours left in the Netherlands, what would you do?’ That’s brings me to another question; ‘If you had just 24 hours before you die, what would you do?‘ Surely I should not ask her, but the readers of this blog.

De Nederrlandse Vlinder




Read some more in the and found… click here. ‘They will only ban a product or material if it is proven to be unsafe.’ I found a proof! The Item’s from USA are not dutch, could have hidden unsafety’s (think about bio-war) Better for the Netherlands not to allow that company. ‘…flood the European market with American agricultural products produced to a lower standard…’ That’s not what the dutch people like’s to have!


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