Cheng Hsing-tse

Cheng Hsing-tse freed from death row
5,231 DAYS IN JAIL:Cheng was happy to be reunited with his mother in time for Mother’s Day after 14 years in prison. He is to be retried after new evidence surfaced *read more*

Foundation warns over e-cigarettes
FINAL LOTTERY:The John Tung Foundation this month is holding a competition for long-term smokers to encourage them to quit, with a cash prize of NT$300,000 *read more*

China passes new regulation governing foreign NGOs
BROAD COVERAGE:Foreign NGOs such as charities and business groups will have to ‘partner’ with a government-controlled agency and report their actions to authorities *read more*

The Chinese National People’s Congress (NPC) on Thursday passed, as expected, a law that tightens controls over foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and gives police the power to closely monitor them and shut them down if they have overstepped a host of ill-defined restrictions, including “endangering national security,” “threatening society’s interests” or “spreading rumors.” *read more*

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