Hai ‘fear’,– why the ‘fuck’ I am here, has it anything to do with my dad/mom, yeah?


I came, saw in the inner, it’s not good… tell you!

1st entre started with a lie, long ago, not mine, from SBT, (it’s sucks)… The hotel I wanna to go was full, the MD that hotel had told SBT… Oops… Where-ever… Don’t mind, could pay the taxi, no change from Euro 8.37 (NRS 1.000). How come? He (SBT) should pay, then write it on my bill! Why not? A little later the same day I met SBT, and paid. After a week he ask me to pay the 1st bill. Ok, why not? There was written: Room rent … (x amount) + Restaurant … (x amount) + taxi (Nrs 140) rs 40 for him + I had given Nrs 150/- … Tips? And… Local taxes + 10 % service charges… = (x amount)…

Next… + Next… (after a long time, others out, you are in!)


Totally alone…

Next… What next?


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