“Makuri Jhai” by Bhim Prasad Gaudel

This is a page from last year, still nice to see… Bhim has made no more songs… Is dreaming to have his music shop, where he can sale guitars and all kinds of other instruments. May you can help him with it. Visit him for a nice friendly talk.

Opp. Fishtail lodge, Pokhara, Nepal is a small restaurant: Holy Mo:Mo, there you will find Bhim, and he can sing, not only that, he is a good entertainer, people surrounding Him, have only one complain about Him: He doesn’t allow people to be unhappy! Live is great, in live you can make some fun. Sad things happens like on 25 April 2015; the earthquake – (Edit actually, the quake was funny in it self, you ever met a quake, all surrounding you, will shiver… ‘rambles’. The effect of the quake wasn’t so funny, many souls has to depart their body, much damage, government wasn’t helping, can’t blame the PM, He is 8 std. pass.) Life goes on for others, survivors and many others, again a reason to celebrate!
Let me introduce: Mr. Bhim Prasad Gaudel, with his song: “Makuri Jhai” (on Utub 😉 )



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