David Robert Jones no more

David Bowie

David Robert Jones (8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016)

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The Ministry of Health has noted that the number people infected with the H1N1 virus — also known as swine flu — amounts to 16 percent of the total number of patients who have been admitted to hospitals with respiratory tract complaints since the end of last year. read more

The virus was first identified in Mexico in April 2009 and was also known as Mexican flu. It became known as swine flu because the virus closely resembled known influenza viruses that cause illness in pigs. read more

Turkish director Emin Alper’s dystopian drama “Abluka” (Frenzy) on Wednesday topped nominations for the Turkish Film Critics Association’s (SİYAD) 48th annual awards with 10 nods in 11 categories. read more

A majority of militants fleeing operations in Pakistan’s Mohmand and Orakzai agencies joined the Afghan chapter of the militant Islamic State (IS) group, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Pakistan Janan Mosazai said on Wednesday. read more

I appeal to the state government and the local government in Sena Madureira to determine with the competent bodies whether this is true so they can claim a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the oldest man on the Earth. And he’s from our region. read more

Rupert Murdoch, the executive chairman of News Corporation, and the former model Jerry Hall got engaged over the weekend and announced their pending nuptials Tuesday in the classifieds of a newspaper he owns. read more

Al Jazeera America went on the air in August 2013 after it bought Al Gore’s Current TV for $500 million. It promised to be thoughtful and smart, free of the shouting arguments that have defined cable news in the United States over the last decade. But meaningful viewership never came, with prime-time ratings sometimes struggling to exceed 30,000 viewers. read more

Samantha Moloney, 26, and partner David Milburn, 49, met at a friend’s house party but kept their relationship secret for several months after worrying about people’s reactions. When they did finally go public, the happy couple say they were met with shocked stares and people confusing them for father and daughter. read more

The massive earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 ruptured the Main Himalayan Thrust fault, but not all the way to the surface, according to a recent paper published in Nature Geoscience. read more

Investigators believe Sir Sean’s second wife, Micheline Roquebrune, made around £5 million more than she declared to the tax authority from its sale. read more

Eight years ago the man, who identified himself only as Ngagne, had arrived in the country as a young Senegalese man with nothing but hope. But on Tuesday Ngagne, 35, joined other lucky holders of the ticket numbered 79140 outside the lottery sales point in Roquetas de Mar, the Andalucian town where he lives. read more

Michael Malloy (1873 – February 22, 1933)

A former firefighter, he is most famous for surviving a number of attempts – as many as 20 by some accounts – on his life by five acquaintances who were attempting to commit life insurance fraud. read more





Michael Malloy (1873 – February 22, 1933) 

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