This is what I wanted…

A new song written by Abeltje Quintijn, music will be with a synthesizer, style will be techno, the song from about 8 to 14 minutes will be played live in The Freedom Cafe, Restaurant and Bar, Pokhara, Nepal. Will be later on with a slide-show publized on facebook.

This is what I wanted
Together with you
Now, I can’t go your way
I have to go elsewhere, synthesizer
Without you, but with your love
Match later the phone was ringing
I did not pick up, I knew it was you
A little later others told me, it wansn’t you
You have been with another lover
You had some fun, you was missing and found … Under ground
This was what you wanted?
far away, so close to me
Now when I see a flower, I can see you … (Can’t see you)
I became older, watching the mirror
Saw a dirty, loonly face
Others told me have some fun … elsewhere
forget about her … (forget about her)
This is not what we wanted

(c)’16 The Awareness Project Alive / Abeltje Quintijn / UNI foundation

This is what I wanted


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