Nepal border blockade

In the I found this picture… more about it… click here


There was even someone who like to write about it on wiki… click here

The CNN writes about it… click here

So in a way the whole world knows about it, and that’s okay… Cause in my eyes it have to be stopped… I have not seen a real reason to do so… To make money out of a poor country? Or is USA behind it?…

After 25 04 2015… the USA have given 50.000.000/- US$ cash to a man whom has a education of 8 class… there after they (the USA) got permission to fly with the latest technology within the border of Nepal ‘searching victims’… yeah? Sure they did… to show off… border china/india is mapped… what do USA what?

Mt Everest
water… pure drinking water…It’s there for 1000’s of years in the form of ice …

Joke of today:

Lady 1: “Why is your husband so punctual when returning home from work?
Lady 2: “I made a simple rule: sex will begin at 9pm sharp, whether he is there or not.


See you next time…


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