Going to die2015

You ever had a out off the body experience?

Are you 'somebody'?

2015-oct-20 06:34… here we go again… On this moment, no disturb, no blocks… I don’t like blocks… do you know what I mean? I know for sure… Yep… 13:56… see you little later…

Yesterday I spoke with a lady, she is willing to help me. I am glad that someone is willing to help.Also I found that German/Dutch money have been returned so there is something wrong with the info I gave you previous page. That’s again a block… Today I will go far away; the New Road, to get the right information…

2015-Oct-20 11:00 AM… Today I go bagging, with the following writing;

Dear Sir Madam. I need to go to the Begnas Lake. There I will search a place to sleep, 2x a day food, and something to do, like helping with the dish-wash, floor cleaning, what so ever, I am not lazy. But thanks to my illness I can’t work full-time. So I have to do it slowly and only ground floor. Too many steps take too much energy. I like to create small houses, want to invite guests to stay there. Following my plan there will be later-on 10 small houses, an open kitchen, so the guest can create their own food, 2 gents + 2 ladies toilets + 3 bath-rooms. The area will be with trees + plants with beautiful flowers. To make my wish come-true I need support. Can you help me with a little bit? Requesting Nepali Rupees 10/- or more. So I can see the place, will make photos from it and will publish them on my website; premojas.wordpress.com on this website there will be also a Nepali bank account mentioned, so please stay tuned. Thanking you for your cooperation           -Prem Ojas-

Begnas Lake


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