24 sept ’15

25 sept ’15… After… I was blocked, so I could not do anything at all

20:52… I did almost all the things… exept eating, I wanna stop eating, not till I die, oh no, I love life what I am living, sure trust me… again…

I got a communication with someone, he looked ‘normal‘, … site dish; Communication Skills… He was in a way normal He knew things about me by seeing a lot of paper work, hence… he knew that I did not needed al this paper works. Now He tolks to Me…

He: Suppose you are a terrorist, what you should do? Me; I am not a terrorist, because I do not like dead people. He; Why you don’t like dead people? Me; Because you can talk to them, whatsoever, but the dead person will not reply anything. I stood up, He; where are you going? Me; To get a drink, you also want one? He; Yeah, please… And so I came back, I was a little silent than He started again… He; What is your answer? Me; Let’s go into your question. I am playing the terroist, how likes to kill, and you are playing the police officer, who what to find out about me, OK? He OK. Me; That’s not OK. I did the glass on my mouth made it all empty, and stood up. He; Where are you going. Me; To get some more.

He saw me another day, same place, approx. same time. He; Hai, do you remember me, a couple of day’s ago we were talking here. Me; Yes, and you told your name was Simon. He; I did not tell you my name. Me; Sorry Simon, you did. Not with your mouth, with your mouth asking me a stupid thing; ‘What you should do when I should be a terrorist’ correct?

Now first I should like to hear it from the reader… What you should do, when you are a terrorist, knowing well that the man is talking with you is a policeman, in ‘normal’ dress, not a police hair-style, looking at you in a diffent way. He know also mind-reading, I say ‘also’… What you should do?

18:41… it’s still raining + it’s dark… Now what?

18:20… Outside is raining and I like to go to the shop to get something…

the shocking truth behind McDonald’s. From pink slime to firing the first Ronald McDonald because he was fat, will you look at a Big Mac the same ever again? (see this) (don’t see this)

Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc. (“RMHC”) does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, gender identification, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status or any other prohibited basis, in any of its activities or operations. RMHC is committed to providing an inclusive and compassionate environment for all volunteers, staff, service providers, contractors and those to whom RMHC provides services. Fair and equal consideration will be made to any applicant of an RMHC program, including a program that includes eligibility criteria. Any such applicant who meets the eligibility criteria will be evaluated on the same basis as any other applicant who meets the same eligibility criteria and without regard to any actual or perceived protected class as described in this Non-Discrimination Policy. (source)

17:38… It’s cool on the moment, before too much busy in and around The UNI Hotel, Pokhara, Nepal I love to do it, but too much tired and pain, cause my nerve system is a problem to me, thanks to the bone marrow cancer, plus point; I am still not dead 😉 still ‘running’ arround… thereby I do have problem’s with my thick darm + Kitney. Negative point; I think to much… wanna know more and more. Question; For what? ‘Soon’ I will be dead and than what is the use off it…

bone marrow cancer

A team of scientists at the Children’s Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) has become the first to use a tissue-clearing technique to localize a rare stem cell population, in the process cracking open a black box containing detailed information about where blood-forming stem cells are located and how they are maintained. The findings, published in Nature, provide a significant advance toward understanding the microenvironment in which stem cells reside within the bone marrow. *read more*

Plasma cells help the body’s immune system fight disease by producing substances called antibodies. Multiple myeloma occurs when plasma cells grow out of control. Too many plasma cells can form a tumor in the bone marrow called a myeloma. Many tumors are called multiple myeloma. *read more*

Symptoms of bone marrow diseases vary. Treatments depend on the disorder and how severe it is. They might involve medicines, blood transfusions or a bone marrow transplant. *read more*

crossed my mind *read more*

Dear Readers, Fans, Likes, Friends etc. I do not go for any treatment, the doctor already have given me up.

14:14… A court in southern Russia has fined a local activist 1,500 rubles ($23) for online publications of caricatures mocking fascism (a form of radical authoritarian nationalism) and photographs of a Soviet Victory Day parade — images the court ruled illegal because they contained Nazi symbols, news reports said Tuesday. *read more*


14:09… There are some Dutch words which just sneak in to the conversation, either because we use them so much or because there is no equivalent in our own tongues. Here’s a list of 10 Dutch words every buitenlander uses from day one. *Read More*

14:05… The Sverdlovsk regional government has ordered local schools to remove renowned British historian Antony Beevor’s books about World War II from their library shelves, accusing him of “promoting stereotypes formed during the Third Reich.” (read more)

13:23… Russia’s Last Tsar Exhumed as Murder Case Reopened *Read more*

13:13… Archaeologists Unearth Moscow’s Oldest Road
street-moscow-historyMoscow’s oldest road, thought to date back to the 12th century, has been unearthed in the city’s central Zaryadie district, archaeologists said Wednesday. The road is believed to have connected the old Kremlin and a wharf on the Moscow River, Leonid Belyayev, a department head from the Russian Academy of Sciences’ archaeology institute, told The Moscow Times. “We were very lucky to have reached the road. The district is full of the city’s infrastructure lines and old archaeological excavation sites,” Belyayev said. As it is seen by archaeologists, the road consists of several layers of wooden pavements, he said. So far archaeologists have uncovered most of the 17th-century layer and in some spots have dug deeper to the late 15th century. The deepest layers are thought to date back to the 12th century, given that the Kremlin was established then, said Belyayev. The road known as Velikaya (“The Large One”) is not named on old city plans, Belyayev said, but it is mentioned in city chronicles. The Zaryadie district, located between the Kitai-Gorod metro station and the Kremlin, is believed to be the oldest part of Moscow. In the 1930s and 1940s most of the district was demolished to clear the ground for a number of Soviet architectural projects, most of which were never completed. In the 1960s the massive Rossiya Hotel was built in the center of the district. After the demolition of the hotel in 2006, archaeological excavations started, but the future of the district remained unclear until 2012, when a competition to remodel the former Rossiya grounds was won by design firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro, which also designed New York’s celebrated High Line park. (source)

13:03… a guest needed an re-charge cart, others two beer… plus I did some dish… 😉

12:31… 2 Guest went away, (возврат товара) a family came incl. a baby… And Honest if I don’t like something, it will be a baby.

10:24… Yogi Berra died from natural causes in his sleep at an assisted living facility in West Caldwell, New Jersey. He was ninety years old. He died on the same day he made his Major League Baseball debut 69 years prior. Yogi Berra (real name Lawrence Peter Berra) was a Major League Baseball player, manager, and coach. He played catcher for the Yankees from 1946 to 1963 before playing for the Mets in 1965. As a manager, he worked for the Yankees in ’64, then for the Mets from 1972 to 1975, and again for the Yankees from 1984 to 1985. He coached for the Astros from 1986 to 1989. (source)

09:21… “Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a three-month-old baby girl. The infant was discovered by her aunt in a family bedroom at Combermere Street, The City. She was found unresponsive at about 5:15 am and subsequently pronounced dead.” source

WADE “BUMPY” BRIDGEMAN had his flaws, but was said to be one who didn’t go looking for trouble. However, according to his friends, this was exactly what the 56-year-old car washer found in the wee hours of Saturday when, in trying to defend his honour, he got into an altercation with another man along Combermere Street, The City, which cost him his life. wade-bridgeman. He received a stab wound to the torso and was taken to the hospital by ambulance, where he underwent emergency surgery but succumbed to his injury. Police said a man was assisting with investigations into the death. “He wouldn’t go out of his way but he could display ignorance like anybody else,” a friend, who would only identify himself as “Dogs” source

09:15… A big room have now new bed-sheet, the other ones were, or are over dirty…

08:34… Also the steps/floor clean, guest wanna have bedsheet… OK…

07:05… kitchen clean, things ready for the guest who like to make his own b’fast… now I will go to the shower…

05:00… I will go to get milk and one chigarette… see you soon… PS Updates are above this… 😉

Have a nice day… Abeltje Quintijn


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