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started 2015-09-19 / 11:33… The up-dates, will be up…

21:23… Now what? So Late?… + the front gate is not closed… Shame on me… Sorry, so-many things to do, but I did not forgot it… See you soon…

22:11… Now what? Spoke with a russian woman from Moscow… don’t click here So multiply people are not happy. living in fear, not knowing the 3rd worldwar has already started. Yes my dear followers, readers, fan’s, likes etc… The 3rd world war had allready started! – In according with BBC Bin had trickerd it… 😉 Can’t help it… It had already started, before… without the picture, movie, think about newspaper, radio, tv… With a new kind of things… latest news. Not by CNN, BBC etc but by ‘normal’ people… they have down/uploaded by facebook… you know about facebook? About twitter, about and about?

Just going a little away from others, outsite (not with a ‘d’)… smoking a chigarette… read more soon, thanks…

22:44… Now what? “The man who is too old to learn was probably always too old to learn.”Henry S. HaskinsWhat about ladies? About… US to start military talks with Russia over Syria
Kerry says discussions are “important step”, as report claims Russian troops are being sent to Syria without consent.”

‘news from long ago’ Click here “Policy Discussions Need to Continue”… Abeltje  “discussions takes a long time and cost a lot of money… cause?… ‘Need to Continue’… more time, more money?”

Can’t help it that the 3rd world war is goining on, and that no so much people know about it… Living in fear, is not the right thing to do, serious talking, I also told this to the russian lady. You are in the wild, a wild animal is there in front of you… being affraid. For What; Unknow situation… cause no acces to the correct information. Now, here it is… when in the wild, the tiger, likes to have animals with fear; adrenaline… ^^Movie… A drag racer’s life is turned upside down after a near fatal car crash, leaving him semi paraplegic. Forced to face his new circumstance, he struggles to walk, to trust, to love, and ultimately, race again. click^^ Just entertainment… But the animal likes it… no fear, no adrenaline, the animal will sniff you, but don’t eat you… also with al kinds off ‘human’ fear…

19:59… Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

إصابة امرأة حامل وإصابة الجنين (طفلة) في بطنها.
النظام المجرم يحاول إيقاف الحياة في مدينة حلب .
صاروخ جو – ارض أطلق على بناء سكني في حي الأنصاري أدى إلى إصابة كامل العائلة ، بين المصابين امرأة حامل .الطاقم الطبي في المشفى كان جاهز للتعامل مع الحالة وتم إخراج الجنين بعملية قيصرية ، وكان الرحم مصاب بشظية مستقرة في أعلى الحاجب الأيسر للجنين والحمد لله العين سليمة تمت خياطة الحاجب
والحمد لله الجنين وأمه في حالة جيدة ويتم متابعة علاجهم في المشفى.

إصابة جنين داخل رحم أمه بشظية

16:46… (source) (Al Jazeera)


“Is Japan’s military heading for a fight?
Protesters fear plans to expand the role of the military undermines Japan’s pacifist constitution.

It’s something that has defined Japan for almost 70 years: A pacifist constitution, drawn up by the United States after Japan’s defeat in World War II. It states: “The Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.” It goes on to say: “Land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained.” But Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been pressing to expand the role of the military, in the face of what he has called “increasing security challenges” in the region – a guarded reference to China. Japan’s lower house of parliament has now pushed through a contentious bill, dropping a ban on collective self-defence. It means Japan’s Self-Defense Forces would be allowed to come to the aid of an ally, and that could see Japanese troops fighting overseas. It is estimated that up to 80 percent of the population is against the changes, fearing Japan could be dragged into foreign conflicts. So does the new bill represent a fundamental change to Japan’s pacifist stance? Or is it a necessary measure to keep the country safe?” Read/See more


A clock – that’s all it was. But for 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed from Texas, the simple homemade invention got him arrested when he took it to school. Officials thought Mohamed had a hoax bomb. Since the world found out about Mohamed’s case, he has had a mass outpouring of public support, with US President Barack Obama inviting him to the White House. In this online special, Mohamed tells Mehdi Hasan that this happened to him because he is Muslim. “There is a lot of stereotypes for people who are foreigners and they have…names mainly in Islam,” Mohamed says. Mohamed also says the flood of support he has received shows that people care. “…Not just because I’m a Muslim boy. For every person who’s different,” Mohamed says. “It’s not just Muslims who go through this…We’re all human in the end.” more

15:21… La Policia comença dilluns una campanya per millorar la seguretat viària

Andorra la Vella.- La Policia iniciarà aquest dilluns una campanya de seguretat viària, que incidirà en els controls sobre tinença i vigència del permís de conduir, el registre i la matriculació de vehicles, les assegurances, l’estat dels pneumàtics i l’ús de telèfons mòbils en la conducció. La campanya finalitzarà el 3 d’octubre. More to read

Good words are worth much and cost little. –George Herbert– (1593-1632)

14:06… This compilations I made just now;

That's ART... created by Abeltje Quintijn

That's ART... created by Abeltje Quintijn

That's ART... created by Abeltje Quintijn

That's ART... created by Abeltje Quintijn

Our big three idiots

“Sing a song of peace or crack a joke or dance. Do whatever it takes to stop the madness in this land”

  • Guffadi, Kathmandu

Sep 12, 2015- Our big three idiots need to wake up and smell the fire burning in Tarai. We must assume that our loafers of the three major political parties are suffering from ENT infections. They seem to be blind to the fact that protestors are burning down police posts and government buildings in Tarai every other day.  They do not seem to hear the threats of our Madhesi-Tharu politicians. They must be having some problem with their vocal chords because they can’t seem to come up with anything that will calm down the protestors.
Sing a song of peace or crack a joke or dance. Do whatever it takes to stop the madness in this land instead of keeping quiet and making the lives of our folks in Tarai
miserable.  Maybe, we might have to send our comedians to Tarai and host a ‘Gai Jatra’ festival to cool down the temperature.  Yes, our comedians can crack ‘Pahadi’ jokes and make fun of our big three idiots.
Let our brothers and sisters in Tarai have some fun. Let’s win this battle not with home-made weapons, teargas and bullets. Let’s win the hearts and minds of our folks in Tarai with humour.  Don’t kill our own folks with bullets, make them laugh and we will all live to see another day. You might tear a
muscle or two if you laugh too
much but it’s better than getting hit by bullets and laathis.
Our beloved President also seems to be busy doing nothing. Well, he was busy the other day swearing in our Chief Saab. Let’s hope our new Army Chief General Chhetri will help provide better housing and
benefits to our soldiers and provide opportunity for all able officers to get promotion instead of just
picking your near and dear ones for
promotions and postings like our Shree Teen Maharaja did.
I think it would be better if our incompetent government send our President and Vice-President on a goodwill mission to Tarai. Yes, if we can deploy our Nepal Army in our own land then there is nothing wrong with our head of state
visiting Tarai calling for peace.
Now, whom can we get to broker peace between our Madhesi-Tharu parties and the government? I guess it’s time to cross the border and ask the superstars of Bhojpuri film industry to come to Tarai for a grand ‘peace’ concert and calm down our protestors. Yes, bring in the singers, dancers and even circus clowns. Let’s have a ‘week-long item
number’ dance festival for our
brothers in Tarai. Let us ask the byaparis across the borders for a heavy discount for early Tihar
shopping for our sisters there.
Our Madhesi-Tharu leaders will not suffer from this mess. It’s the people who are suffering. It’s sad that our Madhesi-Tharu leaders have sought help of criminals to burn down Tarai.
Our clowns are not even on the same page. Instead of bringing all the agitating parties together for a ‘time-out’ session, our big three
idiots are in a hurry to get done with the constitution-drafting process even if half the country go up in flames. The only guy who is in a hurry is our King of Mundreys, the great comedian, the man whose
gullet can fire bullets, our honourable KP Oli. This guy is really in a hurry to be our Prime Monster. If Sushil Da was a smart old man then he would just leave Baluwatar for Banaras to be a wandering hermit instead of staying put and watching half the country turn into ashes. Let KP Oli and his mundreys make peace with our brothers and
sisters in Tarai.
I think it’s time we called for a break. We already have a cooking gas shortage in the
valley. Well, maybe our gas byaparis want to create an artificial shortage to make a quick buck. Our byaparis too are suffering because they can’t bring in goods from the border when they need it. Our government is suffering because they are falling down on revenue
collection in our custom check points. Everybody is suffering.
But of course, our big three idiots just want to watch Tarai burn and hope that things will go back to
normal once everything is turned into ashes. Our Big Three idiots think it would be easier to declare all of Tarai riot-hit zones and then deploy Nepal Army personnel and contain the situation.
Our Madhesi-Tharu activists are not going to back down easily. They now know that our incompetent government can’t do much even when they go around burning down police posts and government buildings.
Yes, our former Home Minister has no remorse for the death of our police personnel. He continues to get free vehicle and security from the state and enjoy his perks. It would be better if he sent back the government vehicle and security personnel and instead used his own mundrey gundas for his own security.  Why do you need state benefits when you want to fight the state? If this man someday becomes our Prime Monster then do expect Ganesh Lama to be our Home Minister?
I think the best option for
now is to ask all protesting parties to give us a break until Tihar. Let us hope our incompetent government will get things right by then. We are not only destroying our own economy and making our lives
miserable with all these shutdowns and violence but we are also pushing back the rebuilding of this nation. Instead of welcoming hundreds of thousands of tourists back to our land, our protestors are making sure that they stay home. The people in the valley must also stand up and tell our good-for-nothing politicians that they have to get their act together right now or we must not let them stay in this valley, enjoying the good life with full state benefits while our own people, be it our protestors or police personnel, are suffering.

Published: 12-09-2015 09:38 Source

20:12… Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one’s self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily.      — Thomas Szasz

20:15… Look at the green words; Every Act Learn Willing One’s Self That Why Aware Own Self Importance Easily.

This is the end my friend… 😉 To be really true to you, there is no end…

serious talking… No joke !!! You know your own wight? I think NO !!! Answer 1.5 gr only…

I told no joke… !!! I love true, do you? When Lie… You have to remember a lot of times and tell all the time same story, take the bible… take the koran… the gita… etc… Can’t help it! My book is empty. Nice for you, than you can write something 😉 Don’t do, let it be as it is, thanks… empty

22:14… someone told; “please tell the russians (2of the guest in The UNI Hotel) About the UNI Hotel”… нет (надежный)

22:32… Wouw thinking about… and about… Wouw… Can’t help it! Serious talks. Can help it! A person, doesn’t matter (вызов) where came from, where go to… is only 1.5 gram… относиться серьезно The affraidness is with all kinds of beings… sure… страшно is a must! The animal kingdom likes you even more with adrialine (нейромедиатор) Now Count your days… more and more… less and less… fear… tell you why, ok.

That's means?Because this is open everyone can see, the things written.. + updates! how do you call this in human language?

Thoughts… Better dissolve it, the best thing invented.неосуществимость? don’t try… you are, or you are not? You do or you don’t do… You like or dislike is not in this a point, cause I Abeltje Quinijn loves to write this, that’s why it is… 😉 велосипед came back. That’s  cool… 00:18… goining to make an other page… see you there… Love You.


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