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2015-09-16 / 08:20

I wrote an email to: CoPrmotor with; “Quest, this is OK?”


Hi Prem,

It is unfortunately not okay. You can post the interview, however, make sure you link it to the original interview as well as our website.



Answer: Dear Moha Click on CoPromoter & site-dish Micheal… OK?

Featured CoPromoter of the Week: Fantasy Author Michael Young

1. Why do you create?
I create because I feel like it’s a need. It is the sort of thing that helps me rejuvenate my mind and helps me look forward to every day. I feel like I’m the most myself when I’m creating something, and so without having some kind of outlet for that would be a difficult way to live.
2. What inspired you to write fantasy books?
Ever since I was a little guy, I’ve had a very active imagination. I’m the oldest of eight children, and I used to tell my siblings stories to entertain them. Eventually, I just started writing some of these crazy adventures down. I also lived on a pretty steady diet of fantasy literature growing up and know how impactful it can be to others, not only as a way to escape into your imagination, but as something you can learn from.
3. Have you found any other authors on CoPromote who you have connected with?
I haven’t specifically connected with any authors, but I specifically try to promote others authors whenever I can.
4. What other tools do you use to market your books or yourself as an author?
I really like to teach classes at writer’s conferences. I think that’s a great chance to let people see your personality and to learn about you without you directly pitching your books to them. I always see a spike in sales after I do an event, and I think it comes naturally in a way that helps you gain someone who will follow whatever you write and not only a single book.
5. When can we expect the next series?
I’m finished up the last book in the Chess Quest series right now, which is number five. The first three are out, and the forth one should show up sometime before the end of the year. After that, I hope to have a new series coming to town in the first few months of 2016.

About Michael; Michael is a graduate of Brigham Young University and Western Governor’s University with degrees in German Teaching, Music, and Instructional Design. He puts his German to good use teaching online German courses for High School students. read more





Weird today… as I live in a twilight zoneFirst episode date: October 2, 1959… No, no, not that one, It’s seems to me that I am already dead, for some, a (very friendly) kind of a ghost… Now what?


Always something something to do. Seriousely Talking… Living here, was,is,will be… complicated… Sounds weird, language like a freak or something like that, but it’s not written by a freak… I just point out!… Here in the Hotel / Restaurant, outsite even, etc… Kind of same… (similarity) What is language, a tool. It’s given thought by the past… ‘similarity‘ means? Just one click away, someone could be lazy, it’s not me… you? Please tell me, talk about you, yourself… DARE IT… please… Ok.

21:13…It come back, meanwhile I hear music, from no-were… Did not found the source, no succes? Asking myself. no any god and this kind of thoughts… What’s going on? Suddenly … I am not a freak please remember, just a reporter. 21:18

Waithing till guests come back… It could be 23:00 something… ‘Never mind, take your time, I will be waiting… Have a nice night!’ Thouse fellows seems to be from ukraine… yeah?

22:11… guest are complaining… but I can’t do… collague knows, owner knows, no action? So what I can do?

23:15… Guest wanna have RacC… local wine… May?

00:27… Did not succ.. something, I do not know the right/write thing.

Guess what?? really no idea, “please help me to get a more realistic view, that’s all” Ganesh is asking, one off our guests of… the UNI hotel, Pokhara Nepal

2015-09-18 / 09:35 Good Morning… I had again all kinds of blocks today… Weird… And Y’day I amost died in the traffic… It was cause someone did the seat less high, forgot to tighting it… And so I could go suddenly exstreem left. But luckly the car got brakes… 😉

 I hoped that he would love me, And he has kissed my mouth, But I am like a stricken bird That cannot reach the south.  For though I know he loves me, To-night my heart is sad; His kiss was not so wonderful As all the dreams I had.  >poem by Sara Teasdale<

That's me... '15-09-1815:42… That’s me…

15:54… “A Texas Whataburger employee was fired Wednesday for refusing to serve two police officers in what the company is describing as an appalling incident.” Read more

15:59… “A teenager’s ISIS-inspired plot to attack Pope Francis during his U.S. visit was more “aspirational” than operational, a law enforcement source confirmed to Fox News on Tuesday.” read more

19:05… Today I could make photo’s… I will make a compilation, stay tuned… That took a long time… 22:04 now… Here they are… 23:08… They are not sticking… Now what?

Photo’s made by Nicole;

Photo’s made by Abeltje Quintijn;

2015/09/19 / 05:24… By wordpress + 666kb this pictures where not sticking, now thanks to facebook.

08:54… The milk + bread is already in the hotel, that by walking… one room is allready cleaned… etc.

I am going to make a other page…


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