Where to go, if there is no way/where to go?


Breath in breath out, on the cycle for 1/2 bread. Nrs 60/- made already coffee… start the day ‘fresh’.

08:46… This Video-clip I never saw before, clip is nice, the music not my taste… 😉

11:53… A guest want to have something what is not in the hotel, did not found it nearby…

That's made out of pig... click this image to see the video

أنا بخير شكر

ويجري الداخلية

15:11… Just came back from ‘shopping‘…

Some youtube clips (1) Obsession “Animotion” (2Steve Miller Band “Abracadabra” (3Peter Sarstedt “Where Do You Go To My Lovely” (4) The Moody Blues “Nights In White Satin” (5) Iron Butterfly “In a gadda da vida”


kosmogonic (The Art of Being and Being of Art) liked your post on; I am real, that’s why I can be happy. What about you?” + “kosmogonic (The Art of Being and Being of Art) is now following I am real, that’s why I can be happy. What about you?” I know that site from somewhere; ‘I am real…’ It’s a site of a strange fellow called Abeltje, is doing all kinds of things in hotel, far away fromfill in… There is also written in the post; “You should go see what they’re up to. Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!” Let’s do that;
Click here and here

What about the past; “As I listened in the dark, sat up in bed alone, my heaving breath betrayed my presence to all that would harm me. I heard the sweat drip off my forehead with a betraying splash; fearful to move, fearful to stay.  I could not run.  I was immobilised.  Disembodied.  Afraid.  A whisper spoke from the dark curtain, illegible to me but unmistakably confident in its command.  I gave myself to the voice, surrendering as panic and relief merged and mingled in my dissipating body…

Listen up in bed, heaving breath, my presence to all. I heard. I could not run, A whisper from the dark command, myself, my body.

My dear, did I understood you rightly?… have to tell, I am not a judge, I am just a reporter, I see something… how, when, where,why are questions put up my ‘cleaver cunning’ people. They do not have even an answer to the real questions. NOTE; they themself have been asked multiply people, the question; ‘Why you are here’, ‘how you are here’, ‘when you came here’, ‘where are you now?’… It’s simply a waist of time to answer their questions but just for 😉 I will do.

1; I am here for no reason at all

2; Came once with an airplane from New Delhi to Kathmandu, I did not like Kathmandu, so I wrote one of my friends about it. He told me to find it in Pokhara… I did… I am here now over 12 years.

3; Just what I wrote 12 years ago

4: Here in Pokhara…

More Fun! 😉

Lately I been somewhere to get something for a guest of the hotel, there was a man (officer) how ask me about the where, which country etc. I told him; In front of you is a table, on the table stands one glass, the glass is filled with liquid, the liquid contains alcohol, you took some off it, that’s make you official off-duty, so you did not ask me anything, otherwise I can complain about you, cause you are hasseling a foreigner on the moment.. anything else? He was quit, untill I left. 😉

Dear kosmogonic be welcome.


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