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2015/09/13 / 20:10… Today, I don’t know what… but no time to make a new page, so… busy! On it self its good, but… The Hotel cost more than it’s makes… that’s a lost play…

Armenia President: “Today we are more determined than ever and are fully aware of our future steps” read more

Here I go… 22:06… Be warned; There are things written on this page, on this blog, that people do not wanna see. They do not wanna know about it… I will go more far.Serious talking! What about you? I am real, that’s why I can be happy, what about you? are you ‘happy’ or happy? No idea, and it’s not my problem, exually, it’s not my problem at all. *Will be continued, have something to do, I am here in the reception of The UNI Hotel… and so… I am ‘official’ Reporter. Correct. I see thing he can’t see, because he is elsewhere… Whatever… I also do multiply other things… taking care of the guest, where ever they came from, in which situation they are in? It’s not my concern, I just wanna serving them… what ever they need… 1 needs paper newpaper… somebody else needs something else… whatever, multiply I can do… Multiply I can’t… Can’t help it? So simple… ^ Oops ^ It is so complicated… What? Where are you talking about? … 22:14… This?

Thanks to the lord... Have again less visitors... don't ask me why !

I am real, that’s why I can be happy, what about you? are you ‘happy’ or happy? No idea, and it’s not my problem, exually, it’s not my problem at all.

“What? Where are you talking about?” …

No idea? You?

What about you? … 23:52 … One of my created songs is as follow; “I am what I am, that’s what I am.”

6 minutes more. Then I have to do something! serious writing… please stay tuned, I will be back. Telling you lots of more!

2015-09-13 / 05:36…

News out of Bhutan; “Horoscope; Auspicious for: Making incense-offeringand conducting daily rituals. Inauspicious for: Propitiating gods and deities,conducting gin-seg and si-nen, holding discussions, handing or taking over of anything, calling upon superiors, starting education, starting new business, taking the new-born out.”

“Trees growing on the stone walls of what were closely built houses and imposing choetens and mani dangrims on the fringes of the ruins indicates that it was a prospering village at one point of time. And people around have no idea as to what led to the ultimate downfall of the village. “No one in the village knows exact details of the lost village except that the village was a prosperous one made up of over 180 households,” said 86-year-old Lopen Shera Wangdi, who lives along with his wife among the ruins.” read more

“Upon the Royal Command of His Majesty The King, His Excellency Lyonchen Tshering Tobgay travelled to Nepal to personally offer condolences and support to the government of Nepal and presented 1 million USD as Bhutan’s aid to the Prime Minister of Nepal, on April 27th. A 63 member relief team, set-up upon His Majesty’s Command, to provide medical assistance to the victims of the earthquake, accompanied the Prime Minister.” read more

Lyonchen Tshering TobgayHis Excellency Lyonchen Tshering Tobgay

06:34… Ras Judah conquers the South Pacific … “He came to prominence in the early 90’s with local reggae band Steppin Razor. The group’s debut album, African Children was one of the best musical products to come out of the country. The group split and Ras Judah Seomeng went solo releasing his debut album before relocating to New Zealand where he continues to record and perform throughout the South Pacific. Here he fields questions from Voice Reporter Kabelo Dipholo.” read more


“There are many ways to end one’s life but is none is neither painless nor legal. There’s taking a drug overdose, crashing a car on purpose or shooting oneself to name but a few methods. But in Maun where 17 people have snuffed out their own lives since the beginning of the year, hanging oneself seems to be the preferred method of them. The number shows that two people kill themselves every month and this worrisome statistics has forced Maun Police Station Commander, Superintendent Peter Gochela and his boss, Officer Commanding District No5 Senior Superintendent Chabaesele Kesupetswe to hold an awareness campaign on suicide and how to avoid it. Speaking to The Voice in an interview, Gochela who was transferred to Maun last year said that suicide cases are very high in his policing area especially Maun. All the 17 cases recorded were committed in Maun by men only, Gochela revealed. This could be because men tend to bottle up their emotions as opposed to women who tend to share their problems with their parents and friends. “Suicide is a growing problem in my area and the main challenge is that you cannot tell a suicidal person until he has committed or attempted to commit the offence.” Most of the suicides happened after a quarrel with a lover. The police boss said their investigations have shown that men do not accept separation or divorce from their loved ones easily and that is why some turn to the rope. He said that some would have been frustrated that they spent too much money on a woman and then fail to cope when the relationship ends. “We have only had one case where the deceased hanged himself after being involved in an accident; maybe he was traumatized and terrified,” Gochela said. Statistics has also shown that many of those who commit suicide in Maun are between the ages of 25 and 40 although there was an instance where a 70- year- old white man also was found hanging on a tree. “It was one of those rare cases we recorded,” Gochela explained. He is however optimistic that with the awareness programmes that police were about to embark on, fewer people will choose ending their life as a solution to their problems. Maun Police is planning to launch “Suicide Pitso,” around October to engage community leaders and Pastors to try and curb the rising suicide rate in the tourist village. “We want people to appreciate the burden and the pain they leave behind when they decide to end their lives; some have to understand that they are breadwinners.” Gochela said that they have had survivors whom they have opted to counsel without laying any charge against them although attempting to commit suicide is an offence. Concurring with the police boss was the Maun Customary Court Senior Chief Representative, Kgosi Charles Letsholathebe who thanked the law enforcement officers for educating the people. “You have to know that we as Bogosi do encourage young people to be in the forefront of spreading the message.” Said Letsholathebe who went on to note that communities should be sensitised, educated and encouraged to talk about issues of stress. “Parents on the other hand need to reinforce communicative relationships with their children so that they feel comfortable to share their problems,” the chief advised.” *read more*


“A Mogoditshane Special Constable is under investigations for allegedly stealing money from theft suspects in a police cell last week. The suspects were alleged to have stolen P900.00 and US$380.00 from a Zimbabwean man at a drinking spree and were locked up after a search by the police failed to locate the money. The matter was reported by one of the suspects, Mercy Theleso, who told the police that she did not know anything about the stolen money until her friend, Kgomotso Kanganjo, told her at night in the cell that she had hidden the money in her under clothes all along. In the morning, Theleso reported the matter to the police officer, Special Constable Balatlhele David, and told him that they wanted to return the money to the owner and have the case resolved. David is said to have taken the money and promised the women that he was going to look into their case. When David did not return to the cell the two women inquired from an officer they had seen with him in the morning and were told that David had long knocked off. When the matter was followed up, David who was later found at his house in Mmopane, denied ever taking the money from the suspects. Acting Officer Commanding for District No. 13, Senior Superintendent Godfrey Tlogelang confirmed the incident and that the officer has not been interdicted. “It is true that we have such a case and I can also confirm that the officer is still at work. He can only be interdicted after investigations are complete, but right now investigations are still underway,” the police boss said.” read more

When religion fails you (July 31, 2015, source)

Please read Adichiebabz's site, click this image, thanksSo young and naive was I when mother would drag my little body to the house of God, sometimes I would cry till my nose ran through endless catarrh. She would ask, “My dear child why have you decided to forsake God? Mother I haven’t forsaken him, the heart that dwells in me longs for his mercy, but the act of the world stabs me at my back” I would say. Many years have passed since that time, I am now grown up, and whenever I think of those days and now, the differences have grown worse. Over time, the one thing that kept us together has torn us apart. What preaches about love and acceptance has discriminated against others. It teaches freedom yet it dines and wines with force. The greatest fulfillment a person can have is when he kills for the sake of his religion! Bloodshed is a condemned act yet it’s the solid bedrock. It preaches giving yet it feeds on the misery of its followers. I am not an atheist, but does religion really encourages equality? There say money is root of all evil; I would say lack of money is the root of all mischief. The lack of money drives one to do the undo able. In some place of worship the only thing they preach about is, how to become rich, the only prayer point some people have is to ask for countless financial favors from God, yet why has the word poor been mentioned from the early times, does it mean that the concept of rich and poor was supposed to exist? That some are destined to suffer and be fed by the bourgeoisie?

When two people read a particular passage, they both have different ideas of that passage. Take the passage as the word of God when someone reads it, it is the way he understands it that he/she interprets it to you. This is why they have been controversies in some place of worship concerning the issue of women wearing makeup and trousers are a sin or not. The issue of taking alcoholic drink is not considered a sin, but the addiction.  I do believe in God with a strong heart, I believe in his existence, but one thing I do not believe in is the existence of religion because if religion was the home to the poor, the home to the sick, the forgotten and lost, the home to the repentant why has it decided to have different denominations with views and practices confusing us daily.


Spot the difference


The month of August is coming to an end and BOSASNet’s Substance Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM) is wrapping up. Following the theme ‘DRUG FREE LIFESTYLE; YOU HAVE THE POWER’. SAAM 2015 began on a high note with an Awareness Walk in the Mogoditshane area to sensitise the residents on the existence of services provided by BOSASNet as well as disseminating information through the distribution of pamphlets. Following the Awareness Walk, BOSASNet hosted a vibrant Poetry Slam Competition. This attracted many talented youth between the ages of 15 to 25, taking the stage to give their rendition of the theme using spoken word. Many messages were shared through the poems and ultimately Silva became the top poet walking away with the first prize of the competition. SAAM would not end without a family event and this year BOSASNet has organised a Fete and Family Fun Day on Saturday 29th August. The Fete, in line with the theme, aims to encourage family time without the use of substances. It will be in BOSASNet grounds, with various activities to entertain both the young and the old. Entry is FREE; some of the activities include…

Raffles and Auctions (with various prizes)
Kiddie’s corner (Face painting, Jumping castle, etc)
Traditional games
Plant sale
Food, drinks and water stalls
PlayStation competitions
Clothes’ stall
Cosmetics’ stall
and many more.

The final event for SAAM 2015 will be the BOSASNet Awareness Race. This will be an exciting race that will involve solving clues and tasks through check points to get to the finishing line. The race aims to educate participants about a drug-free lifestyle, while solving clues around the CBD area. The event will be on Saturday 5th September. For more information on the above events please contact BOSASNet on the details below. If you think that you need help with substance abuse, or if you have a friend or family member who might, we encourage you to seek support. Source

Something else, 1, 2, 3, 4 All same newspaper… + 1 horror movie, click here Nothing else to do, feeling bored, don’t see this movie, please. Thanks

15:46… “John Key and Murray McCully’s hands-off approach to human rights atrocities in West Papua is in stark contrast to the actions taken by previous New Zealand governments on similar abuses by Indonesia in East Timor, the Green Party said today.” read more

15:51… “The U.S. District Court order in Constitution Party of Pennsylvania, et al, v Cortes, says, “It is hereby ordered that 25 P.S. 2911(b) and 25 P.S. 2937 are hereby declared unconstitutional as applied to plaintiffs.” There will be state court proceedings this week on the Davis matter.” read more

15:55… Declaration of Republic in Nepal : Unconstitutional read more

read more

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