Today I was not here, I was elsewhere, now I am back

2015-sept-10 / 06:45…



12:00… Afghanistan news;

“The United States Institute of Peace has selected an Afghan freelance journalist, Yasir Ahmadzai, among the top 10 peace builders across the globe for the year 2015.” read more

“Eggs imported from Iran in three containers were set afire as a preventive measure against H5N1 (bird flu) virus, officials said on Saturday. The influenza could be transmitted from pigs to birds before reaching humans” read more

“While praising the status of Shaheed (martyr), President Ashraf Ghani said on Wednesday the enemies wanted to frighten Afghans, make them weak and keep them without a viable system.” read more

“Accusing Pakistani intelligence agencies of being behind the unrest in Afghanistan, former president Hamid Karzai said he was concerned about the hundreds of Afghans seeking asylum in European countries.” read more

13:28… News out of Croatia;

“Ulli Hellmann and his wife Katica have arrived in Tribalj, near Crkvenica on Croatia’s northern Adriatic coast, after travelling 12-days through four countries on tractor. “My only wish which I have not fulfilled to come from German by tractor to Tribalj,” Katica, who was born in Tribalj” read more

“Named for the first initial of its owners, Russian billionaires Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko, “A” has been called the “most loved and loathed ship on the sea” because of its provocative styling.” read more

assist someone or comply with their requests

"assist someone or comply with their requests" Say so much more... don't stop

You Feel So Lonely You Could Die

No-one ever saw you
Moving through the dark
Leaving slips of paper
Somewhere in the park
Hidden from your friends
Stealing all they knew
Lovers thrown in airless rooms
Then vile rewards for you

And I’m gonna tell
Yes I’ve gotta tell
Gotta tell the things you’ve said
When you’re talking in the dark
And I’m gonna tell the things you’ve done
When you’re walking through the park

Some night on the thriller’s street
Will come the silent gun
You’ve got a dangerous heart
You stole their trust, their moon, their sun
There’ll come assassin’s needle
On a crowded train
I’ll bet you feel so lonely
You could die

Buildings crammed with people
Landscape filled with wrath
Grey concrete city
Rain has wet the street
I want to see you clearly
Before you close the door
A room of bloody history
You made sure of that

I can see you as a corpse
Hanging from a beam
I can read you like a book
I can feel you falling
I hear you moaning in your room
Oh see if i care
Oh please. Please make it soon

Walls have got you cornered
You’ve got the blues my friend
And people don’t like you
But you will leave without a sound, without an end

Oblivion shall own you
Death alone shall love you
I hope you feel so lonely
You could die
You could die
You feel so lonely
You could die

Writer(s): David Bowie Copyright: Tintoretto Music, Rzo Music Inc. O/B/o Nipple Music, Nipple Music

16:00… News out of Kosovo;

“Kosovo police has confirmed that today, around 8 am, the escort of Prime Minister Isa Mustrafa has been attacked.” Read more

Photo's say's more than words: Kosovo police has confirmed that today, around 8 am, the escort of Prime Minister Isa Mustrafa has been attacked.“Today, Kosovo lacks at least 500 megawatt hours of electric energy and the situation is hopeless. The state must urgently intervene. Regeneration of existing capacities can no longer be delayed”, he said.” read more

“Me një orientim të zhvillimit, të koncentrimit të biznesit të madh që ka Prishtina mund të hapen vende të reja pune.
Ne mund të rrisim buxhetin e komunës dhe rritja e këtij buxheti do të jetë në shërbim të ngritjes së kualitetit të jetës së qytetarëve dhe kjo paralelisht edhe me kyçjen e njerëzve në vende të reja pune. Sepse çdo investim nënkupton edhe punësim”. më shumë të dini

17:52… “Craig Barrett, a former chief executive of Intel, is even a member of the board of the Society for Science and the Public. He said he was “surprised and a little disappointed” by Intel’s decision.” read more

20:41… New guest came… will join them, see you soon… 00:25… See you soon again… Needs to sleep, for a couple of hrs. … 5:00 Good Morning… I going to make a new page! First Drinking Water, mainwhile I think about a good Title.


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