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I started with the following day 2015-09-09_03:30 😉

2015-09-08 / 9:25… Will come a little later… I have great news!

Donnie Simpson, legendary DJ returns to radio on 102.3 FMDonnie Simpson, legendary DJ returns to radio on 102.3 FM

To be honest with you all, never heard about Donnie before.. 😉

INCOMESCO / Jesi liked your post on I am real, that’s why I can be happy. What about you? Than I have a very tiny request; please write ‘the like’… may it can inprove this site. + Like to have links to your favorite music video, so more people can enjoy them.

16:01… Tja, no electricity, no… see you soon… 17:25… with coffee… This page has the title ‘Social’. Can you find something in that word? The same with ‘Association’. … I wait… It’s the ‘CIA‘, what’s ‘A decorative strip around the edge of something‘ + ‘The decorative arts are arts or crafts concerned with the design and manufacture of beautiful objects that are also functional.’ Just a strange sample; When you want to have a new building, the old building has to go. 17:35…

John Diamond is communications director for Senator Maria Cantwell, D-WA. He has written about defense, intelligence, and foreign affairs in Washington for the Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, and USA Today.

Photo’s say’s more than words;

john diamond & nigella lawson... Don't forget to click this Compilation of photo's

19:14… Something in dutch…

They know my name, they know where I am living, they come and visit me tonight...“Hi ‘asshole’, we know who you are, we know where you are living, we will come 23:00 hrs to visit you.”


20:17… Heb bier in huis, brengen jullie hasj mee?

wiz khalifa(source)

‘We expect to see an increase in cyber crime and financial crime in the coming years,’ Van der Steur told the AD. ‘In order to tackle these, you need highly educated people.’ Read more

“Plans by justice minister Ivo Opstelten to give the police greater powers to hack into private computers and install spyware have been criticised by some of his own.” read more

19:47… Food and old news; “Nepalese people block traffic and shout slogans against the government as they protest the slow pace of aid delivery for the earthquake affected in Kathmandu, Nepal, Wednesday, April 29, 2015.” (Source)

“Indrani Mukerjea and her daughter Sheena Bora (L). Mukerjea was arrested by Mumbai Police for allegedly murdering her daughter Sheena and disposing of the body in Raigad in 2012.” (Source)

Never knew that the European Union was a county;

Never Knew that the Europion Union was a country. Did you?

9:11 PM… ” (News from Tanzania) “I have suffered huge losses due to drought. The seasonal rains are not enough and the crops are drying up,” she complained. Maize once grew easily, she said, but now “I can hardly get enough to feed my family”.” read more

21:33… Hujan meni ageung pisan.

21:42… “People used to think that men didn’t live as long because they were the bread winners, unlike women who were stay-at-home moms. Today, both men and women lead similarly stressful lives, yet women still outlive men. Is it a woman’s immune system? Luck? Magical powers?” read more

21:52… “I like people. I’d like some paper people. They’d be purple paper people. Maybe pop-up purple paper people. Proper pop-up purple paper people. “How do you prop up pop-up purple paper people?” I hear you cry. Well I … I’d probably prop up proper pop-up purple paper people” read more

21:58… “The 12 suspects, including two women, were detained for previously attending street protests and allegedly planning new protests, after officers from the Istanbul Police Department’s Counterterrorism Unit raided 20 addresses in nine Istanbul districts, including Kadıköy and Çekmeköy, early on Sept. 8.” read more

22:05… “We are living in sad days of national mourning because of the loathsome terror attack which happened in Dağlıca, southeastern Turkey. It breaks the hearts of all of us that our heroes, our soldiers, were martyred while they were fulfilling their national service. We condemn the terror perpetrated by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) once more. We harbor in our readers’ tolerance that during such a sorrowful period we have to point out in this space our newspaper was subjected to an attack. However, we do not regard this attack as an issue limited to us only. The attack on daily Hürriyet, as an assault on the essence of democracy in Turkey, freedom of the press and the right for society to be informed, closely concerns everybody.” read more

click this photo, to see the videoRIP; Jean Darling was ninety-three years old when she passed away. She died in Rodgau, Germany. The cause wasn’t immediately clear. Jean Darling was an actress from the Silent Era, known as a regular in the Our Gang short subjects series from 1927-1929.

انقر على مزيد من المعلومات


قالت صحيفة محلية اليوم الثلاثاء نقلا عن مصادرها انه تم العثور على جثة الطالب السعودي فارس اليامي المبتعث الى الولايات المتحدة االمريكية الذي اختفى في مايو الماضي وأضافت ان جثة المبتعث اليامي عثر عليها خارج الولايات المتحدة الامريكية في حين لم يتم تأكيد هذه المعلومات من الجهات الرسمية تجدر  الاشارة الى ان اسرة المبتعث اعلنت نهاية مايو الماضي عن انقطاع اخبار ابنها المقيم في مدينة نيويورك لافتة الى انها لم تتوصل الى اي معلومات عن مكان وجوده

23:10… Dahlia Yehia in the news; click here

Good Night, Beloveds!

2015-09-09_03:25 “Social + Update (next day)”

Blast from the past; click here, The Hero’s (USA) in a stolen country, it wasn’t a threat, it was simply because they had oil, their leader was found; click here. Really, Can’t Imagine why people hate USA, do you?

04:06… One of the guests was already awake, so I made him an Milk Tea. Himself got already a sigarette. Previously I wrote about, that there were so many times failures of the government of Nepal. May I think too easy? Make people happy, then they will vote you. Make people un-happy, they will not vote you. Now, the government doesn’t make people happy, still people going for it. How can it be? I am a simple person, so I don’t understand that. 😉

Robert Long: “Beschaafde Tango

Kent u dat u koopt gehaast iets bij de supermarkt
‘t Is niet zo druk dus een caissière zit al klaar
Maar bij de kassa staat een heer
En die legt zoveel pakjes neer
Dat het wel lijkt alsof ie inslaat voor een jaar
En net als alles is geteld
Is er gebrek aan wisselgeld
Dus de caissière weggesneld
En jij kunt wachten tot je smelt
Dan zou je toch wel even graag heel beschaafd willen zeggen, oehoe:

“Hé hoerenjager donder op met je verlopen pooierskop
Met je pokdalige gezicht, bezopen patser, vieze nicht
Kinderverkrachter, infantiele, impotente ouwe piemel!”

Kent u dat je staat te wachten op het stadsvervoer
Er staat een rij maar jij sluit netjes achteraan
En na een lang en koud kwartier
Dan komt de bus in het vizier
En jij als laatste wil dan net naar binnen gaan
De bus puilt uit maar ‘t kan nog net
Je denkt wel dat je het nog redt
Dan komt een dame in korset
Die voorkruipt en jou buiten zet
Dan zou je toch wel even graag heel beschaafd willen zeggen, oehoe:

“Verrotte, gore ouwe snol, jij uitgescheten koude drol
Je bent een vieze loopse hond, je kop is net een blote kont
Verlepte sloerie, lijpe trut, portiekhoer, slet, spinaziekut!”

Kent u dat mevrouw, meneer, u koopt een nieuwe fiets
Want autorijden in het weekend wordt te duur
‘t Is een gezond en wijs besluit
Dus zondag ‘s ochtends rijdt u uit
Om te genieten van de zon en de natuur
Dat is in jaren niet gebeurd
U ruikt hoe heerlijk alles geurt
Daar komt een brommer aangescheurd
Die jullie haast de weg afsleurt
Dan zou je toch wel even graag heel beschaafd willen zeggen, oehoe:

“Hé, vuile klootzak, parasiet, krijg toch de pleuris stuk verdriet
En ook de tyfus, kale neet, hé kankerlijer lik me reet
Langharig tuig, stuk onbenul, syfilislijder, hondenlul!”

04:22… I will go for drinking water… 04:40… Now I have 10 liter. Please remember, I live in Nepal. The government doesn’t gives to the people their needs, it is a so-called poor country. So they don’t have water cleaners/filters. Those things you have to buy privately, no-electricity… And so people have to buy, candles, generator, etc. And so the government will get a lot of exstra taxes. What they do with all the money? No idea, but they don’t serve the people. On a new car; 300% tax. That’s good, cause than less people can buy them… Less polution… 😉 So many car’s/motor bikes/scooters etc. And so much polution, that’s why good/tasty drinking water, far away from your house. People will go to get it… with the moterbike/scooter/car… They doesn’t realize, that the polluted water is because of themself + The polluted water will fall down on the land, the vegatable will have it, the cattle will have it, so you don’t drink, but eat pollution 🙂 KIDS see this.

05:22… Got my Coffee & B’fast Yeah… It’s fried-rice + Curry (left-over from Y’day) Taste good. 05:22… thinking about something, future planning, not going to be married, not going to have a bunch of kids. Hopefully people also realize that there is a over population, so to ‘make’ some more isn’t wise.

“The human population has been growing continuously since the end of the Black Death, around the year 1400, although the most significant increase has been in the last 50 years, mainly due to medical advancements, increases in agricultural productivity and the historically unique availability of abundant cheap energy. The rate of population growth has been declining since the 1980s. Most contemporary estimates for the carrying capacity of the Earth under existing conditions are between 4 billion and 16 billion. In 2013 the human population was 7 billion. By 2025 the world population is expected to grow by an additional 1 billion.Depending on which estimate of overpopulation is used, human overpopulation may or may not have already occurred.” read more

05:38… “The father, Christophe Champenois, 37, denied any memory of the crime in which he allegedly stuffed his son Bastien into the machine and switched it on as punishment for his bad behaviour at school.” read more… That’s sucks…

05:53… I went to the toilet, now I will go somewhere to help a friend, I will be back.

06:35… That is far away, lucky me; I did not need to walk that far… 06:39… “Zwagerman vroeg de radiomakers ook om ‘Der Tod und das Mädchen’ (De dood en het meisje) van Franz Schubert op te zetten. De componist schreef het stuk aan het einde van de achttiende eeuw, een periode waarin dood en ziekte het alledaagse leven in zijn greep hield.” lees verder

RIP; Joost Zwagerman

Johannes Jacobus Willebrordus (Joost) Zwagerman (Alkmaar, 18 november 1963 – Haarlem, 8 september 2015) was een Nederlands schrijver, dichter en essayist.

07:03… “Estos han sido los días consecutivos más violentos del año. De continuar el actual promedio, agosto terminaría con más de 700 homicidios y se convertiría en el mes más violento de la década y de lo que va del siglo.” leer más

07:28… “Ante la intención de modificar la Carta Magna para aprobar una reelección indefinida, el jefe de la bancada de la alianza Unidad Demócrata (UD) en el Senado, Óscar Ortiz, pidió al presidente y líder de Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS), Evo Morales, que no se escude en los movimientos sociales. El opositor dijo que cualquier intento de prorroguismo será frenado en la Asamblea Legislativa.” conocer más

08:27… “Addressing the event, Ambassador Choi Suk-inn spoke of the developing Korea-Azerbaijan relations. He stressed that the two countries have enjoyed with active cooperation in a number of fields, including economic, political, cultural, scientific and educational ones.” read more

08:43… One of the guest likes to know; ‘What is rote system‘ “Rote methods are routinely used when fast memorization is required, such as learning one’s lines in a play or memorizing a telephone number.” (source) 😉 Also much trash goes inside the brain from a child on school, what is the use of knowing; where napolion was in the jail and how he came out?, in it self a funny story. But what’s the use? In which year M. Ali, hit the other in such a way, that he could win. If you are a lover of sports, than may interesting, not for me… The football player ruud gullit from the Netherlands, the question is; what was the title of the song which made the band populair? Answer: “Not The Dancing Kind” Ruud made much Ad’s for the ‘Just Do It‘ company. But that ‘we’ don’t learn the kids.

11:57… “Despite the sophistication of science, a cure is yet to be found. Instead, the only option left is to offer relief with treatments such as medication and surgery to manage its symptoms. While science is stretching out to find a cure for the disease, the Ethiopian traditional medical practitioners, on the other hand, claim to have the cure for diseases such as AIDS, cancer, malaria, and chronic complaints such as rheumatism and arthritis.” read more

12:26… Something else, what should this be? “Hot Horror Movies – Beyond Loch Ness – Ghost Movies, Scary Movies, Zombie Movies, India Movies” click here to find out…

13:01… May there are some music lovers… this is a nice link… See for yourself…

13:08… “The 2015 United States Trafficking in Person Human trafficking report, which was released on 27 July 2015, named two territories on its watch list. The report said that St Vincent and the Grenadines is a source, transit point, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. “NGOs and government officials report some adults pressure local children under the age of 18 to engage in sex acts with men in exchange for money or gifts; third-party prostitution of children under 18 is a form of  human trafficking,” said the report.” read more

*** Non Government Organisation *** Everyone who has internet connection will have a Internet  Protocol (IP) addresses are unique numeric identifiers that are needed by every device that connects to the Internet. Others like NGO’s wanna know things about me, a sample; SEX, how is my sex live? Here is an site, who ask questions; 1. If I am an Man or Woman. I am a man. How are you looking to meet, choice; man, woman, couple, my choice man. My date of birth 12-04-67. Have you had sex in the last month? Yes. Have you ever had an affair? Yes. Are you interest to having a three some? No. The Rules:

1) If you see someone you know, do not publicize it or spread rumors.
2) It is your responsibility to practice safe sex.
3) Please respect our members. They are normal people looking for adult fun.

I can’t agree, cause I am not ‘normal’ and not looking for fun 😉

Next you have to fill in all kinds of things, email, phone nr. etc. The phone is registered on your name, your adres, etc. ‘They’ know who you are. And now ‘They’ know about what I want, …

16:20… Previous website is only for Men/Woman / Woman/Men, there also those kind of sites, hidden, almost no-one knows about it. I have been ‘addiced’ to the hidden/secret/forbidden sites, therefore I was using TOR and a proxy, Never my own name, not my own photo. Surely not my own adress and or telephone. Here the Avatar. 20:41… Sorry dear readers, cause so much busy, can’t write that, what was in my head. May it bubble up later…

20:55… “Nepal, Philanthropy
Donations: Sixteen percent for victims and the rest go back to the philanthropists” read more

21:07… 25th April standing in the Restaurant of The UNI Hotel, talking with 2 (those-day’s) workers. The shaking started, they run away, leaving me behind. I was thinking what to do, or what not to do… saw, memories of movies, docomataries etc. passing my mind… But… I wasn’t scared, not affraid… How come? I don’t know. Finally outside, a guest told me that the Scale should be about 5, I told; “much more, much more”. Yeah, it was much more, we were waiting for the after shock, the boys were affraid, they couldn’t entering the building anymore… I knew after shocks are less heavy…

Long before 25th April 2015, it’s was ‘boxing’ day (2th x-mas) when the Tsonami happend. Also weird. That moment I visited the Netherlands, The TV/Radio chanels were working together, to collect money for Giro555 Yep… Only the administration fee 13%… plus… + etc. Rich parts got finally the buildings they needed, after a (too) long time. Cause the tourist have to stay somewhere. With other words, things like that, hungry people in Africa, makes a lot of money, makes people more famous as they were already; Live Aid (Bob Geldof), USA for Africa (Michael Jackson) etc… Desasters makes multiply money, for thouse who has already something with 7 0’s… Take Ruud Gullit, he has enough, goes somewhere, payed by the organisation. To bag money for the victims…  22:54… What I am doing here? Someone asked me just before… A lot off, full day busy, with other peoples jobs aswell (If we write aswell, ‘aswell’ it’s will replace ‘as well’ & ‘as-well’.) Almost no-time, in a no-time, to seach all news for some very ‘great’ news, which is not readable in the ‘normal’ newspaper… That’s again a slide different topic. 😉 But… The so-called ‘help organisations’ are helping themself the most. It’s nice if every one become to know about it. What will happend? 0/- anymore for people in need?

Me myself is a victim, (a person harmed, injured, and/or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.) of governments, spare you the details… Not only Governments, also so called ‘Religions‘ ‘helping’ poor people isn’t it? Answer; It isn’t. They creating more victims all over the globe and … A man ask me; “Do you believe in aliens?” answer; “No”. He told me, he got ‘the proof’. Sure… He thought I did not ‘believed’ him. But a little later I told; “I do not ‘believe, I know for sure” Starting with ‘religions’ books like bible, Qu’ran, Vedas… Where God came from, before ‘he’ created bring (something) into existence. the earth? Out of Athman? the breath of live, the soul, the supreme soul?

Why People are so asleep, why they don’t wanna wake up?

It’s been told your gran,gran,gran,gran fathers/mothers, just listning, keep quiet, do thing we tell you to do, absolute no freedom, when you disobey, hell is waiting for you, not only when you are not anymore with the body (dead) also before that. I don’t say, be like them and the strong answer will be violence, dead, hell… No. Be yourself, do what you need to do, not what they want you to do. -> Got me?

Love you all, with love and flowers, Abeltje Quintijn


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