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Sep 6, 2015- An American woman who had been missing for the past one month is revealed to have been murdered in Pokhara. Police said Narayan Poudel, a school teacher at Dhital-3, murdered 26-year-old Dahlia Ayehia (passport number 451383847). She had come to Nepal to help earthquake victims. “Poudel was found calling her to Nepal on the pretext of helping quake victims. He has admitted to have killed her and dumped her body in the Seti river,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police Govinda Adhikari. He said Poudel, who is taken into police custody, tried to commit suicide jumping off the roof of the District Police Office. He is now undergoing treatment at Manipal Teaching Hospital. Police have also recovered blood-stained pillow and victim’s clothes from Poudel’s room.BAD NEWS; Dahlia Ayehia is no more. (more info)

Y’day… I started this page… want to make it, large… that will take a long time… I will take that time, don’t worry.

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20:55… Gate closed, No coffee on the moment. Going to read newspapers, be back in ‘just’ an Indian Minute 😉

21:01… “Kemi Arobieke who was murdered.” read more… next; “The police in Osun State have arrested a former Senior Special Assistant to Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State, Mr. Bode Olugbore, after a 29-year-old woman, Kemi Arobieke, was allegedly found dead in his apartment.” read more

21:13… RIP David Allen, “A 49-year-old man reported missing by his family Thursday afternoon was found dead in the woods Friday, the Gainesville Police Department said.” read more

21:16… “The Large children didn’t experience much family stability before joining the Roberts household. Their father, Mitchell Glenn Large of Winter Haven, had multiple arrests in Virginia and Florida on charges including aggravated assault and domestic violence. Their mother, Laura Delano-Large, also accrued a string of arrests.” read more

21:19… “They used the (fake) bills to obtain merchandise and reloadable gift cards. U.S. attorneys said they also returned fraudulently obtained merchandise to obtain genuine currency.” read more

21:22… “the 11-year-old had previously endured several types of abuse by other people in his mother’s life and had acted out violently and sexually in the past. He was placed in a juvenile facility in South Florida in December after an investigation of abuse in the Trahern home. He was released back into the Trahern home in late June.” read more

21:35… “According to activists, the increase in numbers could be due to various reasons. According to Girija Kumarababu, joint secretary, Indian Council for Child Welfare and Child Rights, the rise in child murders could be because of the increasing incidence of caste-based violence. “Newspapers report a number of cases where children under the age of 18 fall in love with people from other castes, often leading to the murder of one, or both of them,” she said, adding that child murders need to be studied in detail. ” read more

21:41… “At least one soldier was killed and four others injured in clashes between security forces and insurgents in Nurgal district of eastern Kunar province early on Friday.” read more

21:47… “Comilog, an affiliate of France’s Eramet group, will complete construction of a mining and metallurgical academy at Moanda in June, 2016. Costing €19.8 million, the building is being constructed by the Gabonese concern Socoba. A pre-feasibility study was conducted by Maissa, a local concern. The government, for its part, contributed the land. It will link it to a road network and power grid and supply running water. Comilog is looking for partners to help it push through the project and pay part of the school’s operating costs, estimated at €656,000 per annum. To find those partners the company has approached groups mining manganese at Moanda as well as mining explorers operating in Gabon. Canada’s Armada Exploration Gabon, which is prospecting for copper and zinc at Nyanga, has shown an interest but hasn’t yet committed itself. The call has also gone out to oil companies, as the expertise acquired by the academy’s students could be useful to them. The school, whose curriculum has been drafted by the university of Nancy in France, will dispense 12 month courses to technicians and 18 month programs for engineers from all parts of French-speaking Africa. The academy will be open for applications once its governance rules are agreed by the mines and high education ministries in September at the earliest.” (source)

21:51… “Eight metres long and weighing 25 tonnes, a replica of the so-called Tsar Bomb, the most powerful nuclear bomb ever detonated, has gone on display for the first time in Russia, in the midst of an ongoing standoff with the West over Ukraine. Tested in 1961 by the Soviet Union, the hydrogen bomb — also known as the AN602 — instilled a mix of pride and fear in retired military pilot Nikolay Krylov as he looked at the replica housed at an exhibition centre near the Kremlin. “When I come near it, I’m uncomfortable because I think of all the destruction it could have done,” the 62-year-old said.” read more

21:53… I am going to sleep… Good night

04:30… +/- 02:30 woke up, cause off sound near the uni hotel, a male and female were visiting my colleague, helped a restaurant from a friend of mine, took water for the hotel, cleaned dish more more… Now more news + coffee…

04:42… “Kabiru Sokoto, a member of  Boko Haram sect accused of facilitating bomb attacks on the police headquarters in Sokoto State and some other government organizations in the state between 2007 and 2012 was yesterday September 4th sentenced to life imprisonment by an Abuja based high court.” read more

Kabiru Sokoto, a member of Boko Haram sect accused of facilitating bomb attacks on the police headquarters in Sokoto State and some other government organizations in the state between 2007 and 2012 was yesterday September 4th sentenced to life imprisonment by an Abuja based high court. Presiding judge, Justice Adeniyi Ademola found Kabiru guilty of also having prior knowledge of the bomb attack at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church on December 25th 2011.


“Recently, the Turks have decided to sell their stake in the Transatlantic pipeline, having thus put Azerbaijan in a very awkward position. They have no understanding of some obligations or long-term cooperation. In Syria, it goes about direct involvement in the war, and it is the same thing in Iraq. In Iranian Kurdistan, the Turks took a flexible position. They do not fight with the Kurds, but invest in them to strengthen positions there, given the dependence of Iraqi Kurdistan on transit via Turkey. Today, Turkey is the third largest investor in the region, following the United States and Israel.” read more


“High-rank Pentagon representative told Foxnews that such vessels are certainly present off the Russian coast and wondered whether they think that they study whales there.” read more

12:56… BAD NEWS; Dahlia Ayehia is no more. (more info) Now on top of this page…

14:56… I want to make the newspaper page on theunihotel.eu.pn found out there are so mulitply of it… so leave it.

15:15… “Around 130 million years ago what are today two mountainous areas of northeastern Spain, the Sierra del Montsec in Lleida province and the Serranía de Cuenca, were lowlands filled with lakes. And it was within these lakes that the first flowering plant on earth appeared, and that scientists have named Montsechia vidallii, after the Montsec range.” read more

“According to a Ministry of the Interior report, Mexico had 24,812 missing persons cases on its books on December 31, 2014. Most of the victims disappeared in Tamaulipas, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Mexico, Chihuahua and Sinaloa states. Seventy-two percent of the missing are men and half are under 34 years old. A quarter of them are minors.” read more


“Nothing is known about how the painting was rescued from the blaze in the Palace of Justice, or how it ended up in the Rastro, but researchers believe that it was cut up to make portraits out of the many figures featured in it, which were presumably to have been sold to their families.” read more

15:36… “Este es el único acuerdo escrito entre los cuatro miembros históricos del grupo, John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney y Ringo Starr, y su promotor Brian Epstein, fallecido por una sobredosis 1967 llamado el “quinto Beatle”. El contrato fue firmado el 1 de octubre de 1962, sólo cuatro días después de la salida al mercado de su primer sencillo, “Love Me Do”. Los Beatles firmaron un primer contrato con Epstein cuando el batería era aún Pete Best. Cuando fue sustituido por Ringo Starr, fue necesario un nuevo documento. En el contrato figura la firma de los músicos y las de los padres de Paul McCartney y George Harrison, que tenían entonces menos de 21 años. Una de las cláusulas del contrato detalla que Epstein podía echar a alguno de los músicos si “dos o más de ellos desean dejar fuera a uno o más del resto de artistas sin el consentimiento escrito del mánager”. “Sin este contrato y la relación que selló sería inconcebible que The Beatles hubieran alcanzado el mismo éxito. Era necesario algo más que inspiración musical y composición para reinventar la música popular”, sostuvo Gabriel Heaton, especialista en Libros y Manuscritos de la casa de subastas.” (fuente)

15:41… That was it for today, will be back later on, may, may not, tomorrow, With Love and Flowers; Abeltje Quintijn.


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