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Click this, to read: "One of the foremost cartographers of the Islamic State conflict is a 19-year-old from Amsterdam. Now that he's graduated from high school, he's preparing to take his activism to the next level."

 Click here to read about: "World War II brought more suffering to humanity than any other event in the 20th century. Nearly 60 million people died throughout six years of war, which saw atomic bombs, cities flattened and the Holocaust. Out of the war sprung the atomic age, the Cold War and the division of Germany."Escher museum buys rare unknown work;

The Escher museum in The Hague has uncovered a hitherto unknown work by the artist, which had been in his family since it was produced. The work features the Italian hilltop village of Montecelio and was drawn in 1924 when Escher was spending time in Rome. The museum says the work is unique because it does not have an edition number. ‘Unknown and important work by Escher rarely turns up,’ curator Micky Piller told RTL news. Before Escher started on a print he always made a large number of preliminary drawings, the museum said. ‘But the careful composition and detail of this work make it clear it is not a study. Though Escher made no prints in 1924 due to the preparations for his wedding with Jetta Umiker, he apparently found time to create this complex work.’ Escher had given the work to one of his half brothers and his grandchildren decided to sell it. (source)

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US chip maker Intel is investing almost €45m on a joint project with Delft University of Technology and the TNO research group to accelerate advancements in quantum computing. The 10 year agreement will see Intel providing ‘significant’ engineering resources for Delft’s quantum research institute QuTech as well as on and off site support. Experts predict that quantum computing – a much faster computing method using quantum bits rather than binary digits – could be available and ready for use in the next 12 years. ‘A fully functioning quantum computer is at least a dozen years away, but the practical and theoretical research efforts we’re announcing today mark an important milestone in the journey to bring it closer to reality,’ said Mike Mayberry, Intel vice president and managing director of Intel Labs, in a statement. Microsoft and Google are also working to develop quantum computers.

Nursing home residents to get one hour a day of personal attention (read more)

India bars Greenpeace unit from receiving foreign funds (read more)


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