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08:09… Out of the reception of The UNI Hotel, Pokhara, Nepal. Page by Abeltje Quintijn in Dutch Language. Why Not? The UNI Hotel is International. But unfortunately not with International standards. So we are busy to change that a bit, bit by bit… Please come to The UNI Hotel and see for oneself. Long time ago The UNI Hotel started as Hotel U & I (You and I) It’s changed a bit into; Hotel U’n’I with rooftop restaurant ‘n’ Bar. The ‘ was not allowed in the e-mail/website, so it became UNI. Now on the Hotel’s website there is also a department of newspapers. Starting with the Dutch newspapers. Now the Edit is not working? Strange, anyhow I am with the AD

“Fietsers in Renkum worden bedreigd door agressieve hoornaars, nadat een boom met daarin hun nest werd omgezaagd. Het fietspad aan de Geertjesweg …” lees verder

Iets wat iedereen graag wil weten, behalve ik 🙂 “Voormalig profvoetballer Ruud Gullit (53) is gevallen voor de charmes van barista Karin de Rooij (48) uit Zaandam. Karin is werkzaam bij …” Lees verder

“Meer dan dertien miljoen kinderen in het Midden-Oosten kunnen niet naar school vanwege oorlog en geweld. Dat blijkt uit een rapport van …” lees verder

Hoeveel sterren zijn er? En dan nu; “Er zijn op aarde naar schatting drie biljoen (3000 miljard) bomen, zo blijkt uit nieuwe berekeningen van de Yale-universiteit in de Verenigde …” lees verder

“Een Afghaanse tiener heeft mogelijk anderhalve maand dood onder een viaduct gelegen bij het Duitse Passau. Het lichaam van de 17-jarige jongen …” lees verder

Help u zelf bij het lezen van andere kranten, het is klikjes van u verwijderd.

09:45… There were many things to do, like repairing the bicycle, getting the news paper, cause the bicycle was fallen y’day thanks to the fast blowing wind, and I think that the newspaper boy also blow away, he did not come today… Dish wash etc…

“Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh has slammed the Iranian-produced film entitled…” read more

“Eighty-six-year-old American twins who met King Abdul Aziz in 1947 and King Abdullah in 2008 are now…” read more

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“Hezbollah 3.0: How Israel’s No. 1 enemy is preparing for the next Lebanon war…” read more

“Goldie Steinberg, world’s oldest Jew, dies at 114…” read more

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10:27… Now I got my coffee, have to be awake… real awake, not only with the body, also with the leftover ‘me’. Don’t get trapped by the mind. Do not have the EGO do the job, why a servant? And now a jokes in Hindi, I don’t like it, may you?

“दुखी माँ बाबा से: बाबा जी मेरे 1000/- रुपये वापस करो। बाबा: क्यों बालिके? माँ: आप ने कहा था सब शनि का दोष है, इसलिए बेटा नहीं पढ़ता। मैंने शनिवार के व्रत रखे, तेल चढ़ाया, मेरे बेटे ने रात भर कंप्यूटर पे पढ़ाई की फिर भी फेल हो गया। बाबा: बालिके मैंने तो कहा था कि सब “सनी” का दोष है।”

“हर हिलती हुई झाड़ी मे भूत नही होता !
हो सकता है कोई उसमे अपनी मोहब्बत को ‘अन्जाम’ दे रहा हो !!”

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FRIDAY, June 15, 2007 (HealthDay News) -- Alcohol abuse now causes nearly half of all deaths of Russia's younger men, a new study finds.  In total, 43 percent of deaths among men ages 25 to 54 are linked to problem drinking, according to a study in this week's issue of The Lancet medical journal.  The authors of the study defined hazardous alcohol drinking as excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and spirits, and consumption of non-beverage alcohol such as cleaning agents, colognes and medical tinctures.  For this study, researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Health in England analyzed data on 1,750 men who died between 2003 and 2005, and 1,750 men who were still alive. All the men lived in Izhevsk, a typical Russian industrial city in the Ural mountains.  They found that men who were problem drinkers of alcoholic beverages, or who drank non-beverage alcohol, were six times more likely to die than men who did not have a drinking problem or did not drink at all.  Men who drank non-beverage alcohol were nine times more likely to die than men who did not consume non-beverage alcohol.  "Almost half of all deaths in working age men in a typical Russian city may be accounted for by hazardous drinking. Our analyses provide indirect support for the contention that the sharp fluctuations seen in Russian mortality in the early 1990s could be related to hazardous drinking as indicated by consumption of non-beverage alcohol," the study authors concluded.  However, an accompanying comment by two experts from Canada and Switzerland noted that many factors -- such as poor housing conditions and poor diets -- may have affected death rates during the years covered by the study and that it's "highly unlikely" that consumption of non-beverage alcohol was "the main contributor to the change of mortality."  Dr. Jurgen Rehm of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto and Dr. Gerhard Gmel of an alcohol and drug abuse institute in Switzerland also noted that the study did not look at illegally-produced alcoholic beverages, a major source of alcohol consumption in Russia.Click that picture, to know more…

See you Tomorrow bye…

With Love and flowers, Abeltje Quintijn

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