When Nightmares become alive in the daytime?


RIP: Wes Craven (dies at 76)

What about some scary words; Pedosexuality, Horror, war on drugs, Key Room Nr. 12 Missing

Dear, Beloved, Followers, Guest, Fans, Likes, Strangers, Readers etc. I wrote already on this blog that I am working in The UNI Hotel, Pokhara, Nepal. And so, all kinds of things to do, nice that there are not so many guests, otherwise I could write this page… Also scary; 25 April 2015. I was on top of The UNI Hotel, in the restaurant talking with the boys who were (not any more) working there. Than all of a sudden everything started to shake. The boys were very quick out site the building and I was thinking what I should do. Finally I walked slowly down, came outsite where everyone was gethered. After all, nothing demaged, all the tea cups where on their place etc. The boys were so affraid that the next night their bed was in the park, not in the building 😉 The Epiccenter was closer to us than by Kathmandu (capital) there more dead/damages etc. Next I am going to write about the $ 50.000.000/- from the USA given to the PM from Nepal. 😉 See you soon *11:31*

*12:39* Mainwhile, I found the key! + I was shopping for a guest, that’s far away, on the bicycle took a long time… Time for coffee… *12:48* Stonedy (my collaque) was washing dish, not much… he ask about the key, I told ‘m were I found it, left site of his t.v. in his room; he forgot something… How come? 😉

Nothing really matters - on the end

13:08… Stonedy told me that the remote controllers are not working for all t.v.’s … “Now what? I have no idea, cause I am seriously busy.” I told him. He went back to the guest room… to smoke some more? I drink coffee to be awake, not to sleep. I going to smoke a khukuri chigarette. … 13:47… I was also a little sleeping, in the reception so tired, a friend of stonedy woke me up asking were he was, in his room. And yes…

Just I saw the stats… 15:51… Even someone from Kuwait saw my site… 😉 Please don’t see this

With Love and Flowers, Abeltje Quintijn (UNI)


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