To the future one and only

searching, tattoos, you are

Dear beloved readers, fan’s, followers, likes etc. I saw something in my e-mail; Adedoyin Adetutu likes my post, and I really love this one! click here… It’s so… Lovely, truthfully, and one word just came up ‘despair‘ To be truthfully to all, I have no idea what that means… (Loss of hope; utter hopelessness; complete despondency. Source) Oops? I was looking for you on the web, found something; facebook, and:

يد المساعدة معا'Caroline Pino' She is no more with her body, hopefully we can find eachother again. Love you.“I wonder if you have been heartbroken a number of times or if you have ever loved?” It is not a question to me personally, but I will give you an answer; Yes and Yes! And don’t forget; beloved! I do remember one beautiful girl, she is no more, but when I see flowers I can hear her wispering, singing songs. That’s romantic. (In dutch: klik hier)

10:34… The plumber came, cause somewhere water is leaking, y’day night tank full, morning time empty… Now all the room’s are open exept one; Nr 10, key not found, may the guest has taken the key with him? Sometimes… Now the question; Where is the spare-key?

10:38… I am going to have coffee, see you soon. Stay tuned

10:49… A guest wanna have milk tea, okay… than I saw ‘stonedy’ in the kitchen, asking me: ‘For Japaneesh?’ Did not gave an answer. So not yet black coffee without sugar for me… (no, not poor me, 🙂 cause when I drink it a little later; more taste…)

10:56… “Yes, I am done searching for love and I hope your love finds me.” That’s complicated. 😉

11:26… Had food, have my coffee, got the chigarettes guest requested, … Now the complication… ‘I am done’ if so why you do write it down, that you are done? ‘searching for love’ I never do, it will end up (for me) as a failure.

11:42… No guests on the moment, ‘stonedy’ went with a friend elsewhere, did not informed me. … About failure; “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.” –Steve Jobs– … “leaving only what is truly important” Duh?

11:49… Going to read some-more from your site… “And for this reason I curse the day I let him go, the day he met you, got you pregnant and made you his wife.” I have to think about this.

12:18… “Anyway, I have told you to come to the village and take something I have always reserved for you; something that would make you have a male child other than letting my son waste his precious seed on your flower that would never yield anything good” (source) If I should be God, than I should have said; “Sorry my dear Adichie Babz, there are some creatures, they need to live many, multiply lives to come to the realisation of the real.” But I am lucky that I am not God. Otherwise I should be blamed for all what went wrong. What we have learned; Also God is not perfect.

13:13… I going to do the dish, … see you soon.

RIP; Oliver Sacks

Something else –010203

Nepali time: 02:50 (’15/9/2) great news! ‘adichiebabz just started following you !’

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