ولعلكم تعلمون، لا يجوز؟

Start this to all, beloved readers, visitors, guests, likes etc… 30-08’15 / 14:00

” يجب أن يكون السلام

Is the next artical, only the title in Arabic, something in the tags etc…

What do we want? Why do we want it? What’s our profit?” This I wrote by e-mail to Belinda Crane.

Beloved Readers, followers, fans, likes, etc. I am ‘working in The UNI Hotel, Pokhara, Nepal. And so it will take a long time to write this article… But slowly slowly… it will appear. Love you all and stay tuned, thanks.

14:10… I smoked one Khukuri sigarette, now I am going to clean 2 more room’s…

15:02… That’s were 3 room’s and attached toilets.+ one room again, a guest needed that one for ‘business talks’. +/- 3 hrs, he paid $10/-

Today very early awake, before the sun came up. That’s almost every-day 3:45. No alarm clock, just the body clock from within. That moment I was thinking let’s make today a new page on my blog. Now what? About what? Than out of a sudden, a kind of gentle voice spoke to me. The first couple of seconds, I thought that I have become ‘insane’. But a little later I found, I can’t become, I am already. 😉 * I was reading mainwhile a newspaper: “Dutch civil service pension fund APB has sold all its shares in pharmaceuticals company Mylan because of concerns that one of its products may be used in carrying out the death penalty in the US.” (source)

15:28… Something something…

17:20… Somewhere I went out, cause a guest wanted to have chigarette, fresh fruit juice, mo:mo. That’s saved a old man’s live. I saw a little crowd, what? A old man lay down on the street. After inquary I learned, that’s his heart was not working, and they had already informed the police. I went to the man, and a little later, his heart was again beating. He was looking very dizy… Where I was? The voice was talking to me… All kinds of things, not only he was talking to my ears, but also showed me things through my 3rd eye. Strangs ‘past’ things; Me as little boy on school talking to the school miss; ‘That’s not Dubble U (W) anyone can see it’s dubble V.’ 🙂 Fights I had on school, how I did my home-work and when, Not at home. 🙂 Me, my foster mother, her girlfriend, in Swiss… ‘Gesunde Sandwich mit einem guten Morgen‘.


Has anyone an Idea how this man is? (story)

18:11… Also I saw my first ‘out-of-the-body’ experience. That’s weird! It’s not like people have showen on the web, with me it was totally something else. Also I saw myself in a little house, (Lovedale, Tamil Nadu, South India) totally alone, than the neighbor boy came with tears in his eyes. His Brother and Uncle were drunk, were fighting each-other, and he got blamed for all kinds of things he did not done. His Mom, tried to support him, but did not succeed… Yeah. And so if he could sleep with me in the night. Why not. 😉 So I heard, felt, saw, smelled etc. Many multiply things, Out of a sudden it came, and out of a sudden it was no more there… In feeling it was more than 7 hrs, in real it was less than 3 minutes. Any one, has this experienced? Than please tell about it, here and/or on your own site.


by oldexplorer on Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:21 am

As the massive Chinese economy begins a freefall descent in response to the Western financial collapse, the Abhisit government needs to assist Thai exports by allowing the Baht to float downwards. Keeping the Baht slavishly locked to the US Dollar is short-sighted, and will simply make Thai exports uncompetitive on the increasingly hostile global economic battleground.

A high Baht also damages tourism – British tourists in particular are ignoring Thailand at the moment because of the strong Baht (also admittedly partly because UK Sterling has weakened). What about introducing special attractive rates for tourists?

The Thai economy is in danger of being left high and dry by a strong Baht, and becoming completely uncompetitive. The Abhisit government and the Banks need a fresh approach and some creative thinking.

وماتت 38 فتاة في حادث تصادم في سوازيلاند أثناء سعيهن للمشاركة في مهرجان سنوي يختار فيه ملك سوازيلاند زوجة جديدة له.

ووقع الحادث الجمعة قبل يوم من اختيار الملك مسواتي الثالث زوجته الخامسة عشرة.

وتفيد تقارير بأن الفتيات كن مسافرات على متن شاحنتين مفتوحتين تسيران على طريق سريع.

وكانت الفتيات متجهات إلى مكان إقامتهن بعد أن جمعن أعواد قصب لتعزيز مصد للرياح حول البيت الملكي.

وأفادت تقارير أولية بأن بعض الفتيات سقطن من على الشاحنة قبل أن تدهسهن سيارات.

ملك سوازيلاند

ولفظت 38 فتاة أنفاسهن الأخيرة على الفور، بينما نقلت مصابات أخريات إلى المستشفى.

ويقول بعض المصورين إن السلطات أجبرتهم على إزالة صور الحادث من على كاميراتهم.

ولم يصدر أي تعليق من جانب القصر الملكي في سوزيلاند، التي تقع على الحدود الشمالية الشرقية لجنوب أفريقيا.

وتشارك قرابة 40 ألف فتاة وامرأة شابة كل عام في مهرجان يستمر على مدار ثمانية أيام أمام المقر الملكي.



Tyler Drumheller was a top spy with the CIA and the division chief for the Directorate of Operations (DO) – for clandestine operations in Europe. He is best known for exposing U.S. reliance on discredited sources used to make the case for the war in Iraq.

American businesses lose an estimated $37 billion a year due to meeting mistakes. Steve Jobs made sure Apple wasn’t one of those companies. (more? a click away)

20:46… Yeah… ‘stone’ is one thing, ‘stoned’ is simply another thing, Too stoned is again something, over stoned and over drunk is again something + ?? No-idea, like frustrations etc. = Fill in yourself…

20:49… I am going to the police station, putting a complain. See what will happen next. ‘When I am out, 80/90 people will come to kill you’ 😉 He can not do it himself?… Deadtreath can ‘cost’ him 1,5 years jail. I don’t let that happen, surely not, cause ‘jail’ is a university for bad fellows to become profesionel bad fellow’s… He just need Re-Hab… But when the Police will have ‘m just for 1 night, for a neusance case… he will be ok… I think so… (they, the police, doesn’t care about International law etc… with there own people and Indians.) 20:55 Goeing somewhere for a little drink a little smoke… see you t’morrow…

Love you all!

This page by Abeltje Quintijn from the Adminstration disc of The UNI Hotel, Pokhara, Nepal.


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