‘lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender’

There are Anti-gay sites. Yeah? I think thouse people need some positive attention. It’s great to be open and honest, to be real, to be loved. This is a great site, please visit it by clicking here. This is the start: “I do wish people wouldn’t use the tag LGBT when they unleash their anti-gay views onto the worldwide web.”

My dear, beloved readers/followers/like’s. I am not a ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender’, I am not ‘extending or moving uniformly in one direction only; without a curve or bend.’ That’s means to me; I am, someone, how likes to sleep alone, also will walk alone, i live alone, don’t like such ‘kəˈnekSH(ə)n’, … * a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else. and or a supplier of narcotics.* It’s really me. Alone. (Not lonely, not in need of the other). By the way, also I do not ‘belong’ to any religion. … But I support ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender’. I am not against it. Others can talk about it, share Ideas about it, why not legal? No freedom of being one-self? No freedom of speech about it? I am free! I just do, if others like it or not, being myself.

Next to the many ‘lesbian’s, gay’s, bisexual’s and transgender’s There is more, much more… the addict’s, who are in need of; little children, the SMers, in need of a fresh dead body, and a animal etc… Don’t forget the do-it-self person, with someone in mind = spiritual rape !

I love it, to give attention, which are, more or less, taboo, can’t talk think do, can’t be free, can’t be yourself as you really wanna be!, to those is this page. Open yourself, be oneself.

Pictures speaks more than 1.000 words:

Next to the many 'lesbian's, gay's, bisexual's and transgender's There is more, much more... the addict's, who are in need of; little children, the SMers, in need of a fresh dead body, an animal etc... Don't forget the do-it-self person, with someone in mind = spiritual rape !


4 thoughts on “‘lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender’

    1. This is real entertaining;; The UNI Hotel, Pokhara, Nepal. -> It was 25th April 2015… I was talking serious matters with the boys who are working as cook and helper… useless fellows. There was something very strange, unknown to them, what to do? Excape… Leaving me behind. They did not care about me. What? I heard ‘blinkel’the’blinkle’ but as useally I am not affraid. Oh… This is a… disaster, not knowing what that moment should mean to others. Could have made coffee, no-one in the kitchen, both boy’s gone. could go to the terras… thinking so-many, and multiply things… I gave up, I went slowly down, came out and saw people surpriced. ‘What?’ ‘Why you are so late?’ One guest looked at his mobile, told me; “this is 5.1 (Richer Scale), I told no, much higher. (21:19*)… Yeah… And one thing I know, may you know, that I don’t know, it was trickered by others… (23:38*) … I Will reply little later…


      1. ” I Will reply little later…” I am at your Service, make it (See also Completion (disambiguation).) something else; I Love real! (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Completeness_of_the_real_numbers)y
        Duh? Sorry, for what? they, make me to think (for myselve, for my comunity, etc. Listen to this, very good; ” But not good enough! Ask me why! You never met the real! Serious talking you never met the real! Just only one Question for you. Did You?… Let me explane ‘real’ something … Serious


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