Dutch parliament agrees

Dutch parliament agrees to support new Greece bail-out

The Dutch parliament on Wednesday evening reached agreement on support for the latest Greece bail-out. The new deal is for a loan of €86bn, with the Netherlands contributing €5bn. During the debate, the coalition parties liberal VVD and Labour said they would support the new loan. The left-wing liberal D66 also came out in favour, giving a parliamentary majority for the deal without the need for a vote. All the other parties were against the third bail-out for the Greeks. Criticism Much of the debate was taken up by criticism of prime minister Mark Rutte who broke his election promise that the Netherlands would give no more money to Greece. During the general election of 2012 he said: ‘Two large rescue packages have been agreed and I think that is enough.’ During the debate, Rutte said he broke his election promise ‘in the interests of the Netherlands’. ‘The circumstances in 2012 were different,’ Rutte said. ‘It is not always possible to keep a promise in politics. You have to take responsibility.’ (source)

Mark Rutte

Prime Minister of the Netherlands

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