Walking alone

Geoffrey got a site, click here to see it, it called: Walking with God, underneath is written: “Our spiritual and physical Journey towards God.”

Dear Geoffrey, In case someone else is watching your site, than the ‘Our’ can be seen as ‘not your’. In case that someone like me doesn’t believe in God, than what?, hence I am still giving attention to you and your site, not only that, but also showing others, waiting, untill someone reacts on your writing(‘s). No-one. I also can’t see the inportance for it. It’s not out of boredom, I have so much to do, so much to say, so much to explore. It’s not that I wanna write bad about you in-person, oh no, how can I, I don’t know you in-person. Partly your thinking pertron is on-line, but not in-line, such as living someone else life, or you yourself is sleeping, and your servant is doing the automatic thing. Being an Christian and follow the idea that you are following the truth, nothing else than the truth, and requesting others to come alone with you.

Mainwhile, deep down within yourself, you know it is time to wake up, sent the servant away, far away from you, And forget about the servant, you can do things really alone, Don’t be affraid, your friend is always there when you (really) need him.

Who is that friend?. A part other(‘s) and a part (of) you. The past have created him, it’s not real him, people have created out of a very beautiful man, with beautiful words, with a simple living his life, a totally something else. Just a very small sample, I did not read anywhere, or heard from someone, that he went to the toilet, that he got common cold. It was just an ordinairy man.

I wanna talk more, but… The UNI Hotel is requesting me, to do all kinds of work, so I will be a little later back, to let you know some more. Loving you, my dear Geoffrey.

Yeah… I am back again, rooms clean… just busy… and the food is ready, took the plate, in the office. Where I was… ‘It was just an ordinairy man.’ Just as his father he was an carpenter, surely he was also making beautiful playtoys for the children, but that is not written. Don’t ask me why? A couple of years he was studying in India. Which is also ‘unknown’. After his merried he became a rabbi, also not clear mentioned. And when Joseph is not his father, before they became together, she was found pregnant. Again, if Joseph was not the father, or beloved friend was not the great great son of David, Abraham etc. For me also weird that the generation is from father to son etc. Nothing is mentioned about the great great daughter of the mother of our friend.

Let’s go to the beginning, so called the old testament. Eve did first somthing wrong, than her husband Adam did somthing wrong, they dis-obey Lord God. And what an curces. Even the cow, buffolo, rabbit etc, how had nothing to do with it where also cursed. And the whole future generation. Personally I should like to take a bite into the good and the bad, if I haven’t done it yet. Adam became over the 900 years old. Yeah? More logic, they did not have the nowadays calender, say that they where counting in Moon years, 13 per year; ‘Happy new year’. 930 = 71 years, what’s very old those days, no hospitals, no health care etc.

Let’s come with me to The Lord God. Where did he came from, cause he had not yet created the heavens and the earth, he could come from heaven. May the Lord God is an Alien. Some people believe in that. He spoke: Let us make … in our likeness in our own image … don’t be worry, cloning had to be invented first, or… out of a rib from adam he created eve… Noadays we can make woman out of woman, gents not needed anymore – sorry guys – And alone out of man it’s not possible to create a new/other human being.

Now where are going to his page, click here

This is so like the Christian walk. All appears well and we are relaxing in the blessing that is God’s grace when suddenly, wham! – our life accelerates into a brick wall. The biggest challenge is how well we are able to accept this new, unwelcome reality. We can grow resentful, having been faithfully walking with God and now unwelcome news disturbs our comfortable world.” … ‘All appears well and we are relaxing’ with other words, you was fast a sleep and you became awake. I know very wel, that the dream appears more nice than the reality, it’s even unwelcome, so you should like to dream some more… Wake up, it’s time to wake up. A very big problem’s for tight sleepers, they can dream within a dream. Sample, some people are dreaming that the wake up, going to the toilet, a little later they find, a wet bed-sheet… Oops… 😉


Original from : https://glitchyartist.wordpress.com/2015/08/03/loneliness/“You should go see what they’re up to. Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!” Totally something else. But like it! Otherwise I should not make advertisment for it!

Dear Geoffrey, it’s allready late, have to close The UNI Hotel, Pokhar, Nepal. And we will met again.

With Love and flowers, Abeltje Quintijn


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