more dangerous

The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance  — Albert Einstein

… Self awareness, self realization is the challenge for all of us. Until we recognize our essential value, we can’t see the value of The Game of Life. The purpose of the Game of Life is to choose to see the Spiritual Value of all creation, Existence doesn’t create anything that isn’t valuable our task is to look for it and find it, that’s the Spiritual Challenge for all of us, reclaiming our Self Worth and sharing our Love and Conscious Awareness as we realize that we have it. … (read the whole page, click here)

… Since then, at least 120,000 Christians have been driven out of their homes with many leaving the country. Thousands had already been targeted by repeated waves of extremists’ attacks, which had driven them to the north, where they now live as refugees in their own country, according to a report by Aid to the Church in Need. … (read the whole page, click here)

… Make no mistake, I do think Philippe is strong, but I do not think he is an exception. Most people with LIS are fundamentally happy and find their life worth living. Over the last 12 years I have had the opportunity to interview over 30 people with chronic conditions of quadriplegia and  LIS about their quality of life, their use of assistive technology, and – recently – about their inclusion in society. How do you interview people with locked-in syndrome? One way is to use the alphabet system. … (read the whole page, click here)

Why ‘Aswell’ is written as ‘as well’ or ‘as-well’? Use ‘Aswell‘ aswell 😉

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