A Break In The Case

Today, the day of all day’s -unknown-

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 / 13:15, Pokhara, Nepal

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So the saying was true. Your life really did flash before you when you die. …

On request is this writing removed.

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“My thanks to one of the kindest and most supportive bloggers here on WordPress. Judith Barrow is also a wonderful author and her books have received amazing reviews. You can find out all about them at the end of the post.”

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Little Johnny and God

One day little Johnny was walking up a hill pulling his red wagon behind him saying, “F**k this,” “F**k that.”

The town priest hears this and walks up to Johnny and says,”You shouldn’t swear like that, Johnny. God is all around us.”

“Is he in the sky?” asks Johnny.

“Yes,” says the priest.

“Is he in that bush over there?” asks Johnny.

“Yes,” says the priest.”

Is he in my wagon?” asked Johnny.

“Yes,” says the priest.

“Well tell him to get the f**k out and push!!!”



One thought on “A Break In The Case

  1. Hi Abeltje. I am really happy for you to use the WordPress reblog button to post my stories on your site, but to be totally honest, I would rather you didn’t copy and paste my stories. The reason I am saying this is because I have placed a Copyright Notice on my site. It means I can maintain some control over my stories in the event I may want to compile the stories for publication as I am currently doing. I would really appreciate if you could remove both the “Garden of Remembrance” and “A Break In The Case” copy/paste versions from your site and if you would still like to share my stories with your followers, please use the reblog WordPress button.

    I am quite new to blogging and this is the first time I have come across having to do this. I do hope you can understand this Abeltje. Thank you heaps and I really appreciate you liking my stories enough to share with others. Belinda 🙂


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