Weishheit Und Wahrheit

First I have to repeat my self for the reader’s who are new here on this site, I am Abeltje Quintijn, I’m the admin here, I sleep in a storeroom, in this from Hotel UnI, Pokhara, Nepal. In the Hotel are a couple of guests, let me intruduce one of them:
“Die Weisheit liegt in Osten. Die Wahrheit liegt im westen. Die Weisheid schliesst die wahrheid ein. Wie kann es anders sein. Der Idiot kommt aus dem westen. Und der bin ich” -Carlos-
You need to know german to know the word ‘übermensch’, if ‘translated’, you will find words like ‘Superman’, but that is the wrong interpretation.

I found for Carlos the following page, please click here
Carlos told just before that the word ‘übermensch’, ‘bovenmens’ means, but that in dutch… May you have a good interpretation, let us know, thanks.

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