4-7-2015 in advance

Sometimes I dream something, so real, in color, with facts of now-a-day; ‘wake up’, 3am, go out of my bed, leave the store-room, wash my face, go outside the gate, follow the path to the street, go to the park, and there someting strange happens… there was a dream, I ‘woke up’ over 3 times.

Dear reader, you have also such strange ‘real’ dreams? Please tell us all about it, thanks.

Something else, someone asked me; “Do you believe in Aliens?” My answer “No”, why I told ‘No’? cause I do not believe!, I know for sure cause I am my self one of them. 😉

Dear reader, can you remember what has happen in the time you wasn’t on earth but elsewhere? I remember, someting like this: Everything beautiful, the creatures there (kind of humans) where looking for uppertunities cause their planet should not be there for a long time, the power ful priest, had made a ‘time-bomb’ with cristals, with specially ‘sun’ rays the inner-core should come to the sureface, to discrib it; the outer came in, the inner came out. There was not much time, and no stopping thouse foolish priest. Space-ships were not invented, but spiritual high, we created with much life-energy a big ball, went in to space, and saw from far away the planet, disapear… we went to all kinds of planets, earth was the best, upto now! – We did not have our bodies, and so we went into bodies who were decleared dead. – It was a kind of miracle wonder –

Dear readers, you have any of those experience? please share it, thanks


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