I made spelling mistakes

This is Facebook… Click, Screenshot, now everyone (many) knows!

What did I do? I made spelling mistakes! But what I wrote is direct from the heart! It’s hurt, I know, people may be angry? But is the truth.

I am talking about THIS:

being in the Hotel, thinking what to do…
I am sick, but no so much sick as I was before, I sleep much, that’s my way not to have pain from the body, to say so ‘away from the body’. Surely, back in a split second. So no dangers games, not willing to die soon, when my times comes, when that time did no came yet, I will love life, it’s so wonderfull, full of colors, thinks to do, people to help, almost eveyone knows me. Even the police! They know I am a nice person, not a members of a terrorist group, because, I don’t like violence, and surely I don’t like dead people,
Free ad: famousdead.com brings the latest updates + information, who done the crime, killed him, like John Lennon etc… Even a movie about the killer. Did the killer got a share? So killing John Lennon, makes money. The killer can help his family etc. 25-april-2015 Nepali Victims as a sample, so he is doeing good, and the good behauvor gives the reward that he has to be less long in jain. So he can enjoy his left over money.
No He is the star, he goes living near a place John Lennon haters, He will be in that neighbor hood, the Hero. So … anyone knows him, he is famous! – I find it also a FamousDead after he died, so again ‘for free’ ad’s for John Lennon, and people will by beatles again.
That’s weird, Just by thought: How much money they made out of a nature disaster, somewhere an 50 milion US$ brought personally by The USA army, more than a week later, they (government) where talking about how to spent that money…
count: 1 year intrest on the bank (%) x 50m.us$ = BONUS
don’t forget all these people who were donating, (little) and free in the news.- The popular fellow goes to the photo’s/video’s with shirt advertizement, How much they pay?

That’s why dear reader, I did donate anything at all! – If you really want to help the people come and do it, there are (sample: knowing each other through facebook, twitter etc. Comes together as team, 15×2500/- euro, It’s your all money, not first collected by others, not that business, you wanna help, do it, otherwise leave it.
Hopefully someone understand what i said, than please reply! Thanks
more info! (click photo)

Click this image, for more information about the PM from NepalBefore it's (really) too late

I also re-blog, see it here for yourself


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