Stop Piracy

Stop Piracy… How to do that? The government of Australia got the idea of blocking it!… I found by ‘gizmodo’ the following artical;

Peter Sunde is the co-founder of The Pirate Bay, which means he knows a thing or two about piracy. So when he says that Australia’s site blocking proposal designed to cut down on online piracy won’t work, it’s worth listening to.

Sunde told the ABC’s Lateline program that site blocking would only serve to promote piracy rather than reduce it.

“For instance, in Denmark…they tried to block Pirate Bay. What happened is that people found very easy ways to circumvent the block, and the traffic from those countries to Pirate Bay spiked afterwards,” the site’s co-founder said.

He added that if you actually ask people who consume content online whether they wanted this Bill, their answer would likely be no.

“If you’re actually listening to the people you get your votes from, you should ask them ‘do you want this bill?’ I’m pretty sure that if you ask them and you look into how they live their lives, they don’t want this. And if they do, it’s because they haven’t really read up on what it means.”

The site blocking Bill is likely to pass the Australian Senate this week.


the Australian Senate this week
“the Australian Senate this week”

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