A Bucket List Delight

photo's from: http://gallivance.net

Photo’s from a beautiful site, please visit gallivance.net thanks

As people may know, I, Abeltje Quintijn, lives in a store-room, near Hotel UnI, Pokhara, Nepal. In the Hotel are not so many costumbers, cause of the 25-april-2015 Earthquake, hopefully they will come soon, and may some rainyday they feel bored? Could be…. what about a word puzzle? I made it my self.I will put it a little later on this page, cause food is ready… See you soon!

Puzzle made by Abeltje Quintijn
Find the words
left to right, richt to left, up to down, down to up, and in a different angle…

all, bore, bread, cat, chair, chess, coat, cool, correct, dare, dear, deer, dot, easy, erection, exe, fax, fuck, fun, hi, hot, hotel, in, joint, know, lean, love, nuts, occor, odd, or, pilot, point, real, realize, red, relax, robber, robe, roof, run, sad, sex, sorrow, sorry, tax, ten, terror, too, UnI, war, yes

are the words, and may you can find more words!

Made by Abeltje Quintijn in Hotel UnI, Pokhara, Nepal !


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