Dear God please read this

KATHMANDU, MAY 19 – Different holy rituals including the recitation of Vedic hymns and the atonement worship has been organised at Guheshwori Temple premises asking forgiveness from the deities in a bid to stop the earthquake and aftershocks as the country is witnessing several aftershocks since the April 25 devastating quake.

The worship was organised under the convenorship of the Narahari Nath Trust Religious Council chair Shankar Poudal.

Mahamandaleshwor Swami Punyananda Giri, Nil Prasad Bhandari, Ram Chandra Adhikari among other religious preachers were present on the occasion.

Similarly, such worship has been organized in different parts of the country for some days.

The council has further stated that such pooja would be organized at Dolakha Bhimsen Temple on May 23.

Posted on: 2015-05-19 09:10


Pooja’s are not for free, instead giving money to the temple, or political or anywhere, please help them personally yourself.

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