What Will We Do About Christmas?

I was going to re-write this piece and make it a little different than last year’s post, but as i went through it again this morning, I decided to simply re-post it as it appeared a year ago; I think its message is clear enough, so here goes…

Now that we have entered into December, Christmas is fast approaching; what do we do with it?  After all, there is very little likelihood that Jesus was born on December 25.  In fact, it is much more likely that He was born sometime in the spring, although I’m not prepared to sign on to any specific date unless you’ve got some massive historical proof… and you probably don’t.  We do know that the December 25th date coincides with ancient pagan festivals and the birth of Christ was probably attached to that date for cultural and political reasons over a thousand years ago.  Since then, any look at real history will reveal that Christmas has a checkered past, not to mention a checkered present!

What I’m getting at is that when we say that “Jesus is the reason for the season” this just simply isn’t so!candle-753717a

Wait!  Don’t send hate mail quite that fast… read on for another minute first… please.

There is also no reason that we can’t agree to observe His birthday in December.   Yes, I know that one day is like another, I don’t need the Bible citations, for I have them right here on my desk.  Tell me, why not teach about His miraculous birth now?  In fact, since the season is a cultural phenomenon, why not take advantage of our culture to teach about Jesus while we have everybody’s attention?  It seems to me that this is an annual opportunity to redeem many to Christ; would you really let the opportunity pass when more people than normal are willing to listen?

Well, clearly some would let the opportunity pass for all sorts of reasons that I could name here, but I won’t!  Maybe I’m crazy, but it seems to me that as long as we have been commissioned to spread the gospel, I’m not willing to take December off; let’s use this as a prime opportunity to teach about the birth of Christ, not only as a Bible narrative, but as the beginning of the last chapter in God’s plan of redemption, which is exactly what His birth is, whatever the date.

You may not choose to have a tree and all of the hoopla at your house, and that’s fine by me; go ahead and explain it to the kids if you want to.  Go ahead and spread Christmas jeer if you want, but count me out.  I’m going to teach about the birth of Jesus Christ and what that means for every human being, and I’m going to do so right here on my blog.  Go ahead, let the hate mail come my way!

Hey!  Hows that for a rant, pretty spicy huh…

OK, seriously, why not join together with all of Christ’s followers everywhere and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout this season?  Observe the day as you see fit, but let’s not miss the opportunity to make this Christmas season the season of salvation for as many as we can? If we do, then Jesus will become the reason for the season after all.

Posted by Don Merritt on December 13, 2014


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