Do not hesitate to help Gopal

Gopal Shrestha wanna clime the mount Everest, therefor he needs a lot of money, I don’t have a lot of money, may you a little… All little’s together makes a big one…

…On top of the Mt. Everest he wanna put an banner: “World Aids Day”. After he will become famous, and can tell, who wanna hear it, about HIV, AIDS, DRUGS & SEX

May he can start to give a speech in a school, collage, universities… 


Contact us
Email : (Gopal Shrestha)

Bank Information of Step up campaign:
Bank Name : Machhapuchre Bank limited
Address : Pokhara, Nepal
Account Name : Bishow Mohan-Purna chandra- Dipendra
Account Number: 11-22-524-283736-01-2

Note: If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. We love to hear from you

Please see his website or Facebook, thanking you.



One thought on “Do not hesitate to help Gopal

  1. Thanks for some other informative website. The place else may just
    I am getting that kind of information written in such a perfect
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    By ADMIN, wordpress saw it as spam, cause it is… making a AD for an pages with AD’s

    A little more AD for your website:

    “Some people say that alcohol can be responsible for Candidiasis. In my opinion, it is WRONG, let me explain you why.

    In the wine making process, The wine maker puts together grapevine juice, wine yeast and perhaps sugar. The wine yeast eats the sugar and the grapevine fructose. Then, wine yeast releases alcohol. At around 6 to 8% of alcohol volume, yeast cells start to die. When the alcohol volume reaches 12-13% all yeast cells are dead in the content. The yeast is killed by the alcohol volume.

    So, how it is possible that wine alcohol can feed yeast inside the body? It is a non-sense!

    Once in the body, alcohol is not metabolized in the GI tract. 80% of alcohol is assimilated in the stomach and 20% is assimilated in the small intestine.

    Alcohol turns into acetaldehyde > acetic acid > acetyl Coa > water and Co2.

    This process is done by the liver and kidneys. As you can see there is no production of carbohydrates or lipides anywhere. Nothing in this process can feed candida.

    Then, Wine contains a polyphenol called resveratrol. it has been found that resveratrol kills Candida. It is possible that other undiscovered wine polyphenols kill Candida.

    Ultimately, people say wine contains Carbs. In fact, it is only residual sugar because wine yeast already ate the big majority of sugar found in the grapefruit juice.

    In Red wine, there is only 2 grams of carbs per Liter. In white wine, there is only 4 grams of carbs per Liter. It is very low. A teaspoon of sugar is only 4 grams. So, imagining pouring half of a teaspoon in a bottle of wine!

    It interesting to know that whisky, vodka and cognac contain ZERO carbohydrate. These alcoholic products contain 40% of alcohol volume. At this level, no yeast can survive.

    List of alcoholic beverages with no carbs:

    List of alcoholic beverages with very few carbs:

    (note that Wine and champagne contain anti-oxydants and agents proven to kill candida like Resveratrol.)

    List of alcoholic beverages with lots of carbs (at least more carbs than wine):

    Furthermore, it is interesting to know that alcohol lowers your blood sugar level. I did some tests about it. I drunk some cognac with a lot of water before going to bed. Then, i woke up at 4h00 in the morning with hypoglycemia-like symptoms. My skin was itching, i was a bit angry. I couldn’t sleep anymore. I was like stressed. It happened several times after drinking alcohol. I must mention i had no hangover and i didn’t feel drunk.

    I do admit there is an effect after drinking any alcohol when i had candida. It is like a double brainfog effect. We already have a brainfog effect from the Candida, and then we get a second brainfog effect from alcohol on top of the the first brainfog effect.

    I use to drink wine, cognac, whisky or vodka. But i don’t drink to be drunk. I put 1 level of alcohol for 8 level of water. I also understood mixing it with water helps to maximize the effect.

    Interestingly enough, my stools were totally black after drinking some wine + water mix glasses.

    Beer is a different thing. Beer has a high GI index. I do advise not to drink beer if you have candida. I didn’t have time to really perform research about Beer but i felt very dizzy several times after drinking only one or two glasses of beers.


    I discovered an interaction between alcohol and baking soda. Drinking alcohol neutralizes baking soda and turns it into Salty water and Co2. Consequently, Someone who takes baking soda should not drink alcohol. In fact, i discovered alcohol stopped die-off. I am convinced that alcohol really neutralizes baking soda.

    UPDATE about champagne:

    I think that Champagne has some anti-candida properties. If you are not used to champagne and if you drink champagne, you may have difficulties waking up on the day after drinking champagne. I talk about 2 drinks of champagne, not that many. I do think that wine & champagne contain something that kill candida. The residual carb in Champagne & wine is not significant to be a problem.

    Reference (among others):


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