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Prem Ojas’s Personal Moment of Death: — Sunday, December 11,2039 at 10:42am
Shit, how many seconds more to go? +/-  2,207,212,750 😉


Now too much afraid… and will run to the lord Jesus Christ, the only one Savior…

When Jesus was here on earth, He often spoke in parables, in order for people to understand what He was talking about. With that in mind, I have written this one to try and explain what I think may be what the bible means by ‘walking by faith and not by sight’, and why we don’t often experience the fullness of what God has to offer. Take a read through it, this is just an idea of mine, as usual I am open to comments and alternative ideas, just have a look and see what you think.
Picture yourself as a striker for Real Madrid. 85 000 people watching you apply your trade, surrounded by quite a collection of professional footballers (soccer players for those in the States :-)). You are standing on the edge of the box, as Cristiano Ronaldo stands at the corner flag with the ball at his feet. He signals to you that he will float the ball over the penalty spot, and then proceeds with his short run up. As he floats the ball over, you start to move toward the spot, shake off the defender, jump in the air find the ball with your head sending it rocketing into the back of the net passed the outstretched keeper! GOAL! 80 000 fans screaming in delight, what a night, what a game, what a goal!
Could this be similar to how it works spiritually? God is at the corner flag, sending blessings (not necessarily money, but not excluding it either) into the box. You’re on the edge of the box, so you seem to be missing out on what God has got in store for you. The walking by faith not by sight statement is there to encourage us to walk by faith, something we trust and believe in, but have not yet seen.. Ronaldo told you where the ball was going to be, you moved into position. Running towards the corner flag (by sight) or staying where we are, would be useless. If we listen to where God is calling us, and move accordingly, will we not meet up with what He has planned for us? The beauty of following Christ is that it is not only us that are blessed when we walk by faith, the ‘corner taker’ is blessed as well as the thousands of fans watching. The same is true with following God. We are blessed by being obedient, as are others who benefit from us being servants of God, and God ultimately gets the glory.. Win, win, win situation.
I would like to encourage you to listen to what God is calling you to do, and do it. Try and forget what is going on around you, and listen for His voice. I know this is difficult. Trust me. I am trying to ‘practice what I preach’ and it is not easy, but it is rewarding. Remember, earlier you had to beat the defender and the keeper, and in life there are obstacles too, but beating them just makes it all the more rewarding!

Following Him one step at a time.


 The whole page ‘stolen’ from Richard G Sumner click here fore more

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