a peaceful mind

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“a peaceful mind” Title inspired by Doodles Invigorate 
Everyone has potential to yield unlimited creativity. It stems from all life experiences. My creativity is born from discovering beauty in all things. It always flows easily with a peaceful mind. –click “This space is for everyone to share their thoughts…”


"creativity" compilation by Enelya Lossehelin for https://premojas.wordpress.com

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a peaceful mind

Written by Enelya Lossehelin, Prem Ojas and Others… (even ‘the unknown’, was helping us)
Dedicated to: Christine, Nel, Caroline, Michel and many others, If I should put here all the names, the list should be so big,  that… You can guess. 

(story start) Thursday, August 7, 2034 / 06:03:57

For weeks I saw a person following me, I just went to his car, opened the door, said: ‘Hi’, he closed the door and he drove away… big head, shaved, strawberry nose, expensive clothing, car from the company, also not cheap. tried to remember the number plate… I couldn’t do it. (shit)…  7 O’clock I went to the office, in the afternoon break I went to take some fast food, after the office I been to to bar. A little later I was in a taxi, going to the disco, great time, went back to my own place, where I can work much better, than at the office, *Compilation*. Everywhere I saw that man… strange, looking out my window, saw the man out of his car, making photo’s, and did my garbage bag, in the back of his car. I found that strange, you? After 9:15 (pm) a friend came, to ask me if I was willing to go with him, just 1 hour, to the pub. I thought: Why Not. We were sitting at one table, and 2 others came inside the pub, the person who was following me, and another guy, also ugly and not my types. The barman, said: “As usual?, but with a small difference… those guy’s on the other table paying for it.” I told the barman, that I did not know the fellows, so I did not wanted it. The barman told: “Just take it James, and they want to talk with you some private matter.” So I went to there table. The other fellow, started with a question; “Is it Mr. Johnson, or Mr. MacCandy?” I said: “Think the first one, cause the second name, doesn’t say me anything.” The man who was following me before, showed me some photo’s, and said: “Do you see that person before?” … On the first thought it was me, but it seems to be not me at all… And he got many picture’s from that fellow MacCandy. I looked at them and said: “Now what? I am a look-a-like or is he?” The new guy said, it’s you my friend, you are both, but I think you forgot… We want you to remember it, you have if you remember, memories which can help us to solve many murders.” My friend came, said there was a telephone call, so I said: “Excuses” when I came back, the fellows had gone, left on the table a card with a phone-number and, tomorrow same time, same place; alone. Today by eating fast food, I saw a brand new shop had opened, Pizza… Mmmm
Before I went to the pub, to talk with the strange fellows, I had to try it (Pizza). I will be there often. On the same table 3 person’s, the man who was following me, was missing. One of the three started, “James or Danny?” I said, “please come to the point.” 2nd fellow: “You was long ago a secret agent, cause of different government, you was ‘not needed any longer’ and you had to forget, and being destroyed ” Me: “So I forgot, but was lucky? Now what?” The 2nd man said: “We know a system, if we show you, you can make up your mind, it’s up-to you. If you like we can go now.” Me: “Is it far away?” “Yeah”… Me: “Than one bottle scotch and a large pizza, okay?” “Why Not”, said the 3rd fellow, and continued: “Let me saw you something, here are a couple of lottery tickets, tomorrow is the result! – Now you will win: 1st price 10.000.000/- us$, a brand new car, with 10 years free Insurance, and 10 years gas for free, next; shopping in the new mall, for 10 years free + 10 year MacDonald… with 2 guests all for free… the last price I forgot, and here are the winning tickets, it will be all your’s if you do exact what we want from you. Any question?” I: “Let’s go, don’t forget; bottle, pizza…” Okay was there answer… It took more than 3 hrs to reach the place…
By the way, I did not take the tickets, cause who cares… May you? what you will do with 10.000.000 us$? First you will have a lot of friends, when you are broke there-after, how many real friends you will have left over? Just a question, don’t think about it!, and 100% sure, I don’t wanna any reply on this. Okay?
Must say, this fellows had everything arranged, drove real over-speed, police before and after the car! no red lights, anyhow, when we were after the gates, It was a super big terrain, strange I never knew about it, it was not on the map, also no Google-earth photo’s… complete unknown. the car went on a kind of parking place, it was zoomed-in by laser-beams, some computer signal was there, and we could go to our destination. Far underground. …
There was a nice meeting, with friendly people, I knew there were in-to-something… strange, I just let it complete be as it was… kind of careless… They started to explain things… I said: “Let go over-it… just…” I could not finest the sentence red light was there, and quick we have to go elsewhere… for what? – Anyhow, me and an Old man came into the room where I needed to be, the transmitter? It looked for me it was f**king expensive, and so beautiful! Even this man tried to explain something… “please” I said… He said: “Just short, This is a time-machine… where you wanna go?, that’s all.” “Wednesday, August 20, 1980” I said. “Where?” he said. I wrote on a piece of paper the coordination… After 12 minutes, he said: “please change your dress… and wear this.” It was a kind of a watch, not around my wrest, with a big button in the middle… he said: “click on it, if you wanna return, you will be back within a second.” 
The first time, nothing happened, the Old man had forgot a main button, … there were the lights, it gave the feeling as if my body was pulled by a big vacuum cleaner. There I was arrived, not really the calculation I had given the Old man, but quiet near. It’s was a beautiful walk to the street I should go… On the right site of the street, first the doctor, after a while the school, and there was the street on the left site, where I wish to go… The house was (still is) on the corner, the garden, the wall, the house it’s self, on the right site of the house a small garden more, most was just grass, the were 2 entrances; one was called front-door, the other back-door… the front-door was used, by students of the woman who lived there, and some-other ‘vips‘. like the ladies Father, others just used the back-door…

"Time-Machine" complicated by Enelya Lossehelin for https://premojas.wordpress.com/2014/08/06/a-peaceful-mind/

will be continued! stay tuned.

 In the News:

A woman who went on Dating Naked has filed a $10 million lawsuit after VH1 apparently showed her too naked.


“I have no problem going to a beach in a bikini or people seeing me on TV in a bikini,” Nizewitz said in a statement released to EW by her attorney, Matthew J. Blit. “Although I went on this show knowing that I would be nude while taping it I was told that my private parts would be blurred for TV. If you watch an episode, you will see that the blur actually makes it less revealing than a bikini would. Obviously, I did not expect the world to see my private parts, this is not what I anticipated or what any other contestants on the show anticipated.”

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    Everyone has potential to yield unlimited creativity. It stems from all life experiences. My creativity is born from discovering beauty in all things. It always flows easily with a peaceful mind.


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