Does milk contain blood?

To the I got an empty small pack of cheese balls, I was looking at the packing, and found something… It’s 100 % Vegetarian Yeah? contains cheese/milk powder… please see this

Does milk contain blood?
Does milk contain blood?

One thought on “Does milk contain blood?

  1. Milk doesn’t contain blood, normally. Rather it can be seen as a transformation of the cow’s blood. Vegetarian or not, not all vegetarians are vegans. Vegans have a deep hate for milk, and practically it is seen that they are more likely to fall back to eating meat than to dairy consumption. This is because a strictly vegan diet is far from satisfying for most normal people. Especially for children a strictly vegan diet has also proven do be harmful to the general health condition. So most vegetarians prefer a lacto-vegetarian lifestyle, such as is examplified in the traditional Indian cuisine. This is not without good reasons.


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