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Today again pain-day… I am suffering from bone marrow cancer (without blood cancer), It’s attach with my nerves… Not long time ago… I been to the hospital… There I was for 21 day’s… cost +/- 1.000 euro… The Doc. told up-to 1,5 years more… How do you feel?… Went for 2 Th opinion… there the Doc. told up-to 9 mnd more… How do you feel?

Now after more than 4 years I am still alive. Great!

Now I seeking for a good friend, his name is Gopal Shrestha (click here for more info) money to clime the Mt. Everest… It’s cost +/- 20.000 US$ Oops that’s to much, I don’t have even just 1 Nepal Rupee… May you have some? Tell your friends, family about it, by twitter, face-book etc… may everyone just 10 US$ donate… In a no-time He will have the money together! That’s Cool!

If you are from a company, He and I will put Advertisement for you!

Thank you very much!


Prem Ojas


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