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What if, out of the thousands of UFO sightings that occur each year, one person actually met the occupant – the “driver” of one of these UFOs? And what if this person were given information by this space-being that explained the secret history of life on Earth and its pending future? And, what if all this information had been published decades ago and acknowledged by thousands of people, including scientists and historians?


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17 thoughts on “Rael

  1. It’s me… “human cloning and mind transfer is reincarnation. It’s a scientific reincarnation.” …
    It’s not me… “Bible said, God created human by own image, by own likeness…”
    It’s me… Support, those ‘things’ only one point… let’s say atomic energy went in to wrong hands… shit happen to 2 cities in Japan. Army should like clones, strong, obey everything, they doesn’t have family, friends, etc… so for a number – no one cares about, his/her dead… Do you understand my point?

    “Do we love oneself enough to deserve living again in a new body, or not?” There people are really tired of life, so many-time-time reincarnation, they saw ‘it’ before…

    strange: In the evening almost dark, with a small mirror, looking near a mirror, into a mirror, you know it the reflection of light, it’s not you personally… try to concentrate on just one point. Tell me what you saw, after min 20 minutes. Remember, to concentrate on just one point.


  2. Ziu, human cloning and mind transfer is reincarnation. It’s a scientific reincarnation.
    Prem, a human clone is like a real twin, but at a different age.
    Rael wrote the book: “yes, to human cloning”. It’s much more explained that I could ever do.
    The thing is, at a personnal level, do we feel it could be good to ourselves or not.
    Everybody has the choice. Do we love oneselve enough to deserve living again in a new body, or not?
    Personnaly, I think I do, and I’m looking for benefit from it.


  3. “It’s seem to me that you didn’t understand what I have said.” Sure about that, don’t worry… No-one is to old to learn! “You would be the same person….but younger.” Just a question: same finger print, same eye-scan? “the experiments on rats” Consider animal misuse?

    “Obviously, we will need some rules, like, if somebody wants to live again in a new body, he will have to accept, to stop the life of the old body, before to live in the new body.” For what? Why not enjoying the new young self? where my parents makes mistakes, I don’t, cause I know myself better… The old self will be the ‘perfect’ guardian angel, to say so. (I am not a christian, but I love picture talk, that explain much more)

    “All the raelians are supporting human cloning” Me too! but let it be an unique person, as I am, I have knowledge, out of experience, not from the (school) books…

    “We hope others people will understand it, will good for them as well.” Don’t forget to take all kinds of unwanted thing out, like violence, sickness etc… Love you too!


  4. Note by Enelya, May you not need to store it? – I think political/army should be happy, after so many years, a murder-case solved. And how to transfer it, … as in “The 6th Day”. (movie)

    What do you know about DNA? all kinds of information from grand father/mother and their grannies will also be within the clone, is that correct? Next if you clone, you need to cut the string, does it means; shorter life?

    For me better a nice short life, than suffering for long.
    Note by Prem Ojas, He what about, a bathtub, full of crystals, some plastic swimming ‘cap’ which is complete wired, goes to an ‘main’-computer, stores every brainwave… On top the crystals a layer of thin plastic, so a person can lay down, the cover (look-a-like a dead-box) also full of crystals all, crystals are connected with the main-computer.

    First it’s ‘recorded’ now play it, when someone else is in the bad-tub you know what happens?
    guess… please reply!


    1. It’s seem to me that you didn’t understand what I’ve said.
      Obsviously “cloning” a new body, with the memory we have got, means, you’ll be alive, exactly as you was before, whith a new body. You would be the same person….but younger.
      Transfering the memory from the old body to the new one, is a question or technique.
      At the moment, we haven’t reach such a level, the experiments on rats, make us hoping that it will hapens one day, or another.
      Obviously, we will need some rules, like, if somebody wants to live again in a new body, he will have to accept, to stop the life of the old body, before to live in the new body.
      For me, it’s better life for ever, whithout suffering, being always young, with what make us unique, our memory, our knowledge.
      All the raelians are supporting human cloning, for theses reasons. We hope others people will understand it will good for them as well.


      1. One must be really “in love” with this world (or attached to it like anything) to not ever want to leave it, isn’t it? The process of becoming “immortal” by cloning one’s body and transferring one’s memory to it, is completely similar to reincarnation by the way, with this understanding that reincarnation means to be transferred to another type of body, that is alotted to a person based on his or her actions and the consciousness he has acquired.

        So why Raelians refuse to believe in reincarnation and instead propagate to be transferred to the same old body in the same old world again and again, which sounds gruesome to me. I am bewildered how a person can have such a crazy desire at all.

        And it probably costs a looooooooot of money tooooooo! :-/


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  6. Physical immortality can be reach only trough cloning, and transfer of the memory to the new body born, after of course it has grown up a bit.
    Diet, meditation, fasting, …obviously wille never make somebody become immortal, that is stupid bullshit.
    I’m talking about human cloning and memory transfer, from the dying body to the new one, do you understand “Ziu”? Have a look at “Rael.org” and then, come back to me to say some thing…intelligent!
    When you say, that human cloning is impossible, it is fhe most stupid thing I’ve ever heard!
    In 1996, a sheep has been cloned, do you thing, that after 18 years we couldn’t cloned a human?
    It’s technicaly perfectly possible to day, and it’s done regulary, but it can’t be publicaly spread, beacause of the fanatics who suround us.
    May be, Ziu, you are the one who is the ignorant?


    1. Hi Jim. As soon as it has been proven that memory can be transferred from one body to another, I will believe you. Cloning of bodies has already been done on animals, with good results. I am not against cloning, but cloning on humans may be something different. Makes me think of Orwellian nightmares, and armies of “perfect people” who all look the same.


      1. Hi Ziu, cloning humans is exactly the same as animals, and according to some people working in this matter, it is even easier than mammals.
        Now about memory transfer, it is obvious that it is not for tomorrow. Nevertheless, successful experiments have been done on rats, which have proven the reality of the process for the future.
        Have a look at “Clonaid.com”


        : Thanks for the link


  7. Ziu, you believe what you want…I believe the only way to reach physical immortality is through genetic ingenering, like cloning. So, the raelians are the only human groep of people promoting science and immortality, and they are the most crédibles to me.

    Admin: “The Raelians” cool topic… coming soon, stay tuned.
    ps. I don’t see any pics anymore… sh*t


    1. I don’t base my statements on belief, my friend. Physical immortality is an impossibility, and this is a universally acknowledged and accepted fact. Those who “belief” that physical immortality is possible through cloning, diet, meditation, fasting or whatever means are the actual believers. I’m so sorry to pinch your bubble of ignorance.


  8. The best source for alien contacts and the proof thereof is dr. Steven Greer; serious seekers should take notice of the massive amount of proof he provided through witness testimonies and other reliable evidence he mercifully provided. Also last year he released a film called Sirius (“serious”) which shows possible evidence of an alien body found in a Peru desert, amongst other things: http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/

    He’s also the initiator of the Disclosure Project, that had it’s first appaerance in 2001, I think just a few months before 9/11. There’s also rumours that JFK was shot because he wanted disclosure of “classified” UFO information, that he requested just a month or so before he was shot. Steven Greer also makes the very good point that there is a relationship between the suppression of alternative technologies for sustainable energy solutions and the obvious suppression of the UFO phenomenon. I think it is very reasonable to suppose that this is true, and that we are being lied to on a massive scale. Even the Germans are said to have had UFO-technology through contacts with alien beings etcetera, and there is proof that they actually were capable of building UFO’s (flying saucers) with anti-gravity technology, just like the ones built by our alien brethren in space…


  9. I once wrote them a letter, explaining that I didn’t believe in the possibility of physical immortality. They believe that by scientific progress, and especially human cloning and genetic engineering, human beings can attain immortality. They are promoting human cloning in order to make people believe that this is within our reach – do you (or any sensible human being) think that this is true? Immortality within the flesh? I think even intelligent aliens don’t believe this, and so whatever they say is all bogus, lies, and their leader is a cheater. Anyone is free however to be cheated as he wishes, and I don’t deny anyone that freedom or right.


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