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Saathi Bio Farm

Saathi Bio Farm is the prototype farm of Development Voyage. The farm will answer the need in consistent production of organic vegetables and strengthen THE BAZAAR as a liable brand, selling organic fresh produce. After organizing a series of orientations and training’s on organic/bio-dynamic farming in Rivan in 2010/11 the interested youth and farmers formed a group to start productions. Training’s inside the class were not sufficient to deliver the skills and expertise in sustainable production. A model farm where they can work and learn the skills and ideas of sustainable farming was required. At the same time THE  BAZAAR was also in need of regular supply source for fresh produce.

Thus, Development voyage in 2011 initiated Saathi Bio Farm to raise awareness regarding social and environmental aspects of production and to encourage the farmers in surrounding by procuring local products that comply with our standards. Moreover, having youth engaged in agro based production (farming, packing, and delivering) will address the employment problem and expose youth to the concept of a sustainable economic growth. This is an incentive for the whole community to make agriculture profitable and develop even more employment opportunities in the future.

The farm is still in its initial stage of implementation. It covers around 1.5 hectors of land. At present 2 youth from Rivan is working full time in the farm while farmers from Rivan area are called to work in the farm as per requirement and training’s needed.

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